Will Toyota’s Aygo X Bring Back the Sedan’s Mojo?

Looking at Toyota’s Aygo X concept we’re worried if it makes it to production the sedan won’t look as good as this. But is it a sedan? To us, it’s a crossover that looks an awful lot like a sedan. Call it what you will, the styling and graphic breakup with paint make us want to drive one. Could Toyota’s Aygo X bring back some of the sedan mojo slowly lost over the years? 

Automakers in Europe are abandoning the small car segment

Toyota Aygo X concept overhead shot
Toyota Aygo X concept | Toyota

Lots of automakers in Europe are slowly abandoning the small car segment the Aygo X is intended for. But as we’ve seen in the US while domestic manufacturers have cut sedans from their rosters Japanese companies are selling sedans by a lot. So if the same thing is happening in Europe we’re sure Toyota is fine with it. 

This is a city car aimed squarely at younger buyers who can’t afford a big new SUV or BMW 3-Series. Featuring the bold two-tone breakup it allows those who wish to have an opportunity to personalize their Aygo X with color. And the integrated roof rack comes in handy for light hauling duties. 

We’re not being shown the interior but expect it to be as bold as what we can see. It has to be to capture inside what will arrest those who are drawn to it from the outside. The simple approach with a large rear window hatch allows for plenty of rearward vision and light inside. Vertical taillights flank the large glass expanse. 

The Aygo X will be based on the TNGA-B Toyota platform

Toyota Aygo X concept rear 3/4 view
Toyota Aygo X concept | Toyota

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Because this is only for Europe according to Toyota it will rely on an ICE powertrain. Positioned below the Yaris it will probably feature Toyota’s three-cylinder gas engine. It will be based on the TNGA-B Toyota platform used by the Yaris Cross in Europe. Camouflaged prototypes have already been seen in and around Europe. 

A production Aygo X should be revealed by the end of 2021

Toyota Aygo X concept rendering
Toyota Aygo X concept rendering | Toyota-5

It looks like based on the concept and prototypes that the Aygo X should be revealed before the end of 2021. That will make it a 2022 model. Is there a chance we’ll be seeing it in the US? At this point it is unlikely, but don’t count out Toyota in the flexibility department.

A big success in Europe could compel them to offer it up elsewhere once those first-year bugs are ironed out.  Yeah, we know that isn’t much to look forward to if you are as taken with the Aygo X as we are. If nothing else from a positive response we might see some of the X’s cues applied to some US-bound models.  Who knows, Toyota might even try to spark up the next Prius with something along the lines of the Aygo X?