Will the Fisker Ocean Make Waves in the Electric SUV Market?

While Fisker’s initial hybrid venture wasn’t exactly successful, the automaker is back for another round. This time, with an electric SUV, the Fisker Ocean. When the SUV was first teased, details were scant. However, at this year’s CES, Fisker formally unveiled the Ocean, complete with more information about its powertrain and pricing. But will it be able to compete with the likes of Tesla, Rivian, and Bollinger?

The new details about the Fisker Ocean

2022 Fisker Ocean
2022 Fisker Ocean | Fisker

According to Automobile Magazine, the Ocean will ride on a platform that will also underpin two more vehicles at some point in the future. This is likely similar to Rivian’s modular “skateboard” platform, upon which the R1T truck, R1S SUV, and potential rally EV will be built.

Fisker does not list the Ocean’s battery pack capacity, although both Automobile and Roadshow report it will be “approximately” 80-kWh. Fisker does claim, however, that the Ocean will have a range of 250-300 miles.

The Fisker electric SUV will also be available with four-wheel drive and dual electric motors. However, it’s unknown if the Ocean will be available in one configuration or multiple, like the Tesla Cybertruck. California Mode, where the SUV drops all its windows and rolls back the sunroof, will presumably be standard.

Fisker had more information on the Ocean’s interior and overall construction, though. The automaker is claiming its electric SUV is “the world’s most sustainable vehicle.” While that’s undoubtedly marketing hype, the Ocean does at least appear to partially support Fisker’s claims.

2022 Fisker Ocean
2022 Fisker Ocean | Fisker

The interior will be vegan-friendly, and the SUV will use plastics recycled from ocean debris and abandoned fishing nets. Roadshow also reported the company will use “discarded rubber waste generated during tire manufacturing that will no longer be dumped in landfills,” although precise details weren’t given. Finally, there’s the optional solar-panel roof, which Fisker claims can add up to 1000 miles of range back to the Ocean.

Pricing and availability

2022 Fisker Ocean
2022 Fisker Ocean | Fisker

While Fisker didn’t have many technical details to reveal, the Ocean won’t reach production until late 2021. Deliveries won’t start until 2022.

At the moment, interested buyers can reserve an Ocean for $250 on Fisker’s website. The electric SUV will be leasable at $379 a month, with a 30,000-mile monthly allowance. That allowance can roll over, though. For those wanting to purchase, not lease, the base Fisker Ocean will start at $37,499 before any applicable EV tax credits.

How does the Fisker Ocean compare against other electric SUVs?

At least on price and range, the Fisker Ocean compares rather favorable to its competition.

2020 Tesla Model Y
2020 Tesla Model Y | Tesla

The single-motor Tesla Model Y, for instance, starts at $48,000. Even the entry-level model will be more expensive than the Ocean, at $39,000. The Tesla Model Y will also have less range: the entry-level RWD version will only be able to go 230 miles. To get a 300-mile Model Y would require stepping up to the long-range RWD version.

However, the Model Y will allegedly be available sooner. Tesla’s factory in China has just unveiled its Model Y production program, though US deliveries aren’t likely until 2021.

Bollinger B1 rear
Bollinger B1 rear | Bollinger

Like the Tesla Model Y, the Bollinger B1 and Rivian R1S are also more expensive. The B1 starts at $125k, and while it offers dual motors as standard, its range is only 200 miles. The R1S will offer up to 4 motors, and even its smallest battery will be larger than the Ocean’s, at 105 kWh. But it will also be almost twice as expensive, with a starting price of $69,000.

Rivian R1S
Rivian R1S | Rivian

But, both of these electric SUV offer significant off-roading capability. Not least of which is Rivian’s “tank turn.” They will also launch ahead of the Fisker Ocean. Even though the 105-kWh R1S won’t be available until late 2021, it will still reach the market ahead of Fisker’s electric SUV.

Fisker Ocean overhead
Fisker Ocean overhead | Fisker via Instagram

Still, if Fisker can release the Ocean on-schedule and without quality issues, it stands to be a fairly affordable electric SUV with good range that won’t require a massive battery. It might indeed end up making a splash.

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