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When the best-selling truck maker says it’s expanding its North American line up with all-new vehicles, everyone takes notice. A Ford spokesperson recently refused to say much more, but in an email did announce the expansion plans. We’re talking about new truck segments and fresh designs. Despite Ford’s refusal to comment, for now, we have a sneaking suspicion that a new compact truck is coming. Today, we’ll tell you why we think it’s coming, and you might be surprised.

Ford’s history so far with this compact truck

The Ford Courier is a model compact truck, that is more of a car and truck blend. It was popular overseas in Europe as well as in South America. Ford discontinued production, eventually phasing it out in 2002 in European markets and, more recently, in 2013 down in South America. So, why are there rumors Ford might resurrect this foreign and discontinued line?

What has everyone convinced it’s coming

While Ford hasn’t mentioned anything about the Courier getting a reboot, other sources are citing some evidence to suggest it’s a sure thing coming. For those of you needing hard facts before getting excited, in 2016, Ford filed for trademark rights to the term, ‘Courier.’

A report was released at the end of 2018, mentioning Ford’s new small, unibody pickup design. That came on the heels of 2017 rumor mills pumping out hints that a new Ford truck would be here by 2022. If that’s not enough evidence to get you pumped, there were spy shots of a car-base, compact pickup.

What we expect the Ford compact truck to bring to the line-up

If the Ford Courier is as likely as we suspect it is, we can also speculate what it might come with in terms of features and extras. According to some sources, there’s plenty to get excited about on Ford’s Courier.

  • Fresh exterior designs, with two and four-door options, with additional options for short and long bed
  • Options for one and two rows of seating, along with two and four-door cab configurations
  • A FWD platform and a unibody design that feels like a melded combination of the Ford Focus and Ford Ranger
  • One source suggests we’ll see a 120-122-inch wheelbase, much like the current Ford Transit Connect LWB.
  • Expectations that assembly will take place at Ford’s plant in Mexico
  • Expectations that three potential engines will be available including a turbocharged gas, turbo 4-cylinder diesel, and maybe a hybrid 4-cylinder.
  • There will more than likely be a pairing of the engine to an eight-speed automatic transmission
  • Educating guesses are saying to expect a base model and maybe an XLT model
  • Pricing speculation has the experts talking a starting price tag of around $19,000

Of course, we have no idea what to expect in 2021 for Couriers potential standard and available options, nor the details for additional packages. But, based on what we do know, you might get to sit behind the wheel of a Courier in 2020 as a 2021 model year vehicle.

It’s always hard to verify rumors when they start flying about automakers introducing new vehicles. Although, this particular hint at a new compact truck has some serious evidence available. If the Ford Courier is making a comeback, along with some streamlined features, we know it will make a pretty sizeable splash in the market.

If that doesn’t get you excited, maybe knowing that America’s best-selling pickup manufacturer is behind it, should. We’ll keep our eyes peeled and our finger on the pulse of all things new for 2021. The Ford Courier might just be coming, and ushering in a whole new compact truck segment along with it.