Will Fisker’s Latest Vehicle Venture Turn Out Better Than The Last One?

Fisker keeps teasing images of its new Fisker Ocean leading up to its production debut at the 2020 CES show. That is happening in just a couple of weeks-January 7, 2020, to be exact. The latest tease is the unique all-in-one window lowering in what Fisker calls California Mode. Press the button and all of the windows and moonroof retract at the same time.

In all nine glass panels lower simultaneously. That’s three on each side and the rear hatch glass, plus the two panels that make up the moonroof. That moonroof does double time as a solar panel which Fisker says should add about 1,000 miles per year of range. Not huge, but it’s free. The sun, not the car.

With everything retracted you’ll notice that the surfboard just barely peeks out past the tailgate. 

Will this venture in vehicle manufacturing turn out better than the debacle of his last try?

2020 Fisker Ocean | Fisker-0
2020 Fisker Ocean | Fisker

We don’t know what to think about this latest Fisker adventure. The last time Henrik Fisker tried to do his own car and company it went belly-up. It took three years to go from concept in 2008 to production in 2011, and within a year it was BK. Fisker kept all of the intellectual property and trademarks and in 2016 he was back with what is now shown as the Ocean. 

Before that Fisker tried starting his own coachbuilding company, which kind of morphed into Fisker Automotive. Fisker drew almost $200 million of an over $500 million conditional loan from the Department of Energy’s loan program for renewable and solar startups. The DOE froze Fisker’s line of credit, with concerns that there was not a lot to show for the money drawn.

Over $1 billion had either been spent or committed to the previous Fisker venture

2020 Fisker Ocean | Fisker-0
2020 Fisker Ocean | Fisker

One thing led to another before Henrik Fisker resigned from the company in 2013 over structural business disputes. Just before his leaving it was announced Fisker had taken almost $400 million in a new round of financing from private investors. Earlier it had received $850 million in its first private investment round. So in all more than $1 billion had either been sent or committed to the failed enterprise. 

With all of that behind him, Fisker must have the magic charm to woo investors to yet, another electric vehicle venture. How this has happened is a miracle in anyone’s estimation. Now, this latest vehicle is poised to be in production in 2020.

This time the Ocean is to be available by subscription for $379 a month

2020 Fisker Ocean | Fisker-0
2020 Fisker Ocean | Fisker

Fisker’s angle this time around is to make it available at a reasonable subscription price. The previous vehicle was expensive and exclusive. That flew in the face the DOE’s mandate to help make products from ventures it helped to fund. They were meant to be available for average Americans. It appears that this time around Fisler has at least made an attempt to keep his product within reach of the average citizen. 

The starting price being bandied about is $379 per month with no long-term contract attached. Similar to Tesla’s Cybertruck venture, reservations can be made for the Fisker Ocean with a $250 deposit. 

Motor Biscuit will have more on this latest electric/solar EV once it is revealed at the CES show.