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Rumors are constantly circulating in the automotive world, and that is especially true when a brand like Ram teases a new truck. But now, Ram CEO Mike Koval Jr. has added more fuel to the fire by discussing what could be in store for a new mid-size truck from the brand. Since the discontinuation of the Dodge Dakota, the Jeep Gladiator has been FCA’s sole mid-size pickup. It is looking more and more like that is about to change. 

Is Ram building a new Dakota?

While the name of Ram’s mid-size truck is not yet confirmed, it would make sense if the brand went with the Dakota. The Dodge Dakota was a fairly popular pickup in its day, and Ram could borrow from that legacy. 

An old Dodge Dakota sits at an auto show. It could soon be updated as the 2024 Ram Dakota.
Dodge Dakota | Scott Olson via Getty Images

According to MotorTrend, Koval could be planning to reveal a mid-size truck concept to dealers at some point in late March 2023. Through Stellantis, Ram does have access to a variety of global platforms. And that could allow the brand to develop a new pickup without needing to build something from the ground up. 

Americans seem to enjoy affordable trucks

If the Ford Maverick is any indication, buyers seem to be fine with smaller pickups so long as they are affordable. But as a unibody truck, the Maverick does lack some of the utility and old-school feel as traditional small pickups. It could be easy to assume that if Ram is hoping to build a mid-size truck, that the brand would take the body-on-frame route. 

There is also another factor in how this truck will be built. All new vehicles that Stellantis builds need to be compatible with electrification. So, while this model could come with the classic 3.6-liter V6 engine, it is likely that an EV variant would be planned for the future. 

What will Ram’s mid-size truck be called?

The frontrunner for Ram’s mid-size truck seems to be the Dakota. But other names like the 1200 have also been floated. Because the Dodge Dakota already existed in the past, this new pickup would have name recognition right off the bat. And that is probably a good thing. 

2023 Ram Dakota rendering
2023 Ram Dakota rendering | 21Truck

There’s nothing more that automotive brands seem to love than capitalizing on heritage. And an easy way to do that is by simply reusing old nameplates. In terms of what the 2024 Dakota’s platform would be, it could be built on the same platform that the Jeep Gladiator is. 

Although the Gladiator is not the most popular mid-size truck, it has certainly been a hit for the Jeep brand. So, Ram could be looking to that success for different ideas. 

Does Ram have a mid-size pickup?

Although Ram does not currently have a mid-size truck in its lineup, that could be changing. With Koval teasing the idea of a new pickup, it’s clear the brand has seen what other automakers are doing and wants a piece of the pie. 

Come March, we will see what Ram decides to do. But it does seem like a no-brainer to enter a growing segment that is only expected to become bigger.


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