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The Nissan LEAF is a new staple in the affordable electric vehicle (EV) market, but it is not quite as refined as Tesla’s cars. However, with a competitive price tag, solid warranty, and admirable electric range, the LEAF is a sensible alternative to the entry-level Tesla Model 3 or even the Tesla Model S. Still, does the LEAF have what it takes to last as long as a Tesla EV? According to iSeeCars’ longevity study, the Nissan EV might not be up to the task. 

Is Tesla a long-lasting car?

Tesla was at the forefront of the modern EV market. As a result, many examples of Model S sedans have been around for long enough to be evaluated by iSeeCars. In the longevity study, each vehicle needed to be in production for 10 of the past 20 years. The Model S meets that criteria, considering the first production model year was 2012. 

The Tesla Model S is a car with lasting power, and scores higher than a Nissan LEAF in lifespan.
Tesla Model S | Tesla

The Model S is one of only two cars that iSeeCars named as eligible for the lifespan study. Moreover, the Tesla Model S came in first place among the two EVs, indicating that 1% of Tesla Model S cars have an average of 133,998 miles on their odometers. The second-place option is the Nissan LEAF, the marque’s long-running economy EV option. Still, the study suggests that their numbers will improve once the electric cars are around for longer. 

Will a Tesla last longer than a normal car?

The Tesla Model S qualified for iSeeCars’ lifespan study but didn’t score as high as some conventional or hybrid competitors. For instance, the Toyota Avalon topped the sedans segment, indicating that 1% of its models have an average of 245,710 miles on their odometers. That’s more than 100,000 miles over the long-running Tesla car. 

Moreover, the Toyota Camry Hybrid has an average potential lifespan of 230,547 miles, making it the longest-lasting hybrid sedan in the longevity study. However, SUVs and trucks dominated the list, taking the top five spots. It seems that, until the Tesla electric car has been around longer, it will not compete with normal cars in longevity. 

How many miles do Nissan LEAFs last?

The Nissan LEAF is the only other EV that qualified for the lifespan study since its first year was 2011. Specifically, the LEAF has a potential lifespan of 98,081 miles. While that might not seem impressive, it’s just a reflection of average odometer figures, not a statement on the most distance that a LEAF will cover. 

A Nissan LEAF is an affordable EV alternative to a Tesla car.
2023 Nissan LEAF | Nissan

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Moreover, the study indicated that “both [EVs] show potential for long-term durability.” Also, iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer says, “This is simply a measure of current odometer readings. Most of these cars are still in use and going strong.”
While the LEAF’s numbers aren’t up to Tesla car standards, it’s a constantly improving option with a combination of cost-effectiveness, reliability, range, and features. Hopefully, more EVs will make future longevity lists and be dependable alternatives to long-lasting sedans like the Toyota Avalon.