Will a 3rd Row SUV Fit in My Garage?

This is it, you have your new three-row SUV, with all sorts of room for activities. You get it home, and try to park it in the garage—but, oh no, it doesn’t fit. With how big SUVs and trucks have gotten, it’s not uncommon to find owners of F-150s and Silverados who can’t park their new wheels in their garages. While a minivan would be easier to park, they don’t have all the capabilities of an SUV. Luckily, there are ways to make sure your 3rd row SUV fits in your garage.

How big is the average 3rd row SUV?

2021 GMC Yukon XL Denali
2021 GMC Yukon XL Denali | GMC

Although the new GMC Yukon XL didn’t make the list of most reliable 3rd-row SUVs, it is one of the biggest ones on the market. Automobile Magazine reports the 2021 Yukon XL is 224.3” long, or 18.7’. However, the 2021 Suburban is slightly longer: Motor Trend reports it’s 225.7”, or 18.8’ long.

2020 Toyota 4Runner Venture Edition
2020 Toyota 4Runner Venture Edition | Toyota

At the other end of the scale is the Toyota 4Runner, which has an optional 3rd row only available on the SR5 and Limited trims. The Limited is slightly longer than the SR5, measuring 190.7”, or 15.9’.

According to Hunker, the average US one-car garage comes in one of two lengths: 24’ and 28’. Based on this, it would appear that even the new Suburban could comfortably fit. However, these measurements should be taken with a pinch of salt. A 3rd row SUV may fit in your garage, but will it leave enough room for you to move around, or use the garage for storage?

2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata
2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata | Mazda

In addition, Hunker’s measurements are for relatively-new garages. Vehicles have gotten larger over the years, SUVs especially. My parents, for example, live in a house built around 1970. Their attached one-car garage is fairly small—even parking something like a Nissan Sentra or Mazda Miata left limited room.

2020 Toyota Sequoia interior overhead cutaway
2020 Toyota Sequoia interior overhead cutaway | Toyota

Furthermore, so far, we’ve only discussed length. What about height? A Lexus LX is 75.2” tall, and the Toyota Sequoia is even taller, standing 77”. According to Garaga, the average one-car garage is 84” or 96” tall. So, a 3rd row SUV should fit in your garage, as long as your garage door is thin enough.

Tips for fitting a 3rd row SUV in your garage

The key point here is that, in addition to researching reliability and features, you should know how big your desired 3rd row SUV is. Then, go to your garage with a tape measure, and see if it will actually fit, both with the door opened and closed.

2020 Toyota 4Runner Limited
2020 Toyota 4Runner Limited | Toyota

Next, lay down some tape on the ground corresponding to the SUV’s dimensions. Now walk around it. Can you comfortably move around the garage? Can you still store ladders, tools, or other things in it?

What to do if your SUV doesn’t fit

If, after you measured everything out, you find your 3rd row SUV doesn’t fit in your garage, there are some ways to resolve the issue.

First, remove anything that might be in the garage or attached to the SUV, if possible. Things like aftermarket grille guards, light bars, or winches can make the SUV more capable off-road, but they aren’t strictly necessary around town, and they extend the SUV’s footprint. This also applies to things like roof rails or roof boxes.

2021 GMC Yukon AT4
2021 GMC Yukon AT4 | GMC

If the issue is height, not length, and there’s nothing left on the SUV’s roof, there might still be a way to fit the SUV in the garage. Many 3rd row SUVs offer some kind of adjustable suspension. Try lowering the SUV as much as possible, and re-assess the situation. And if you’re worried about the SUV rising back up when it’s parked, that doesn’t appear to be an issue. GMC, for instance, state that the Yukon’s air suspension can be programmed to remain lowered even after the SUV is turned off.

So, with the proper due diligence, your 3rd row SUV should have no problem fitting in your garage.

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