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Rumors are swirling that Porsche is set to debut a new 911 Speedster at the 2023 Los Angeles Auto Show in November, based on the 992. The last Speedsters were built in 2020, and the timing is ripe for a new version. But what’s interesting is the speculation of which engine Porsche will choose for its 2024 Speedster.

Would Porsche go with a hybrid for the 911 Speedster?

911 Speedster
2019 Porsche 911 Speedster | Porsche

With Porsche’s 75th anniversary set to commence, it is expected the German automaker will release a number of special cars. What we expect is a Speedster hewed closely to the last one, at least visually. But power is a tossup as Porsche continues its march into electrification.  

Will it be hybrid or fully electrified? Or will it feature a four-cylinder joined with a hybrid system? It’s anybody’s guess, but keep in mind that the original 356 Speedster was a four-banger. 

Will Porsche go the easy route for the 2024 911 Speedster?

911 Speedster
2019 Porsche 911 Speedster | Porsche

So while it might not be an enthusiast’s first choice, it ties into its past and allows Porsche to tweak the 718 Cayman flat four. Or maybe even debut an entirely new four-cylinder powerplant. However, the easiest transformation for the factory would be the 911 GT3 4.0-liter pancake six. It would be naturally aspirated foregoing extraneous turbochargers and such. 

Of course, Porsche’s most recent Speedsters feature distinctive chopped and raked windshields and a somewhat hunchback clamshell tonneau. And they lack some of the luxurious features other 992s flaunt, opting instead for a spartan interior devoid of power assists. But UK’s Car magazine says it will offer a power top this time as an option. 

911 Speedster
1989 911 Speedster | Porsche

How much will the 911 Speedster cost?

Making Porsches is like printing money. It drastically increases the prices of anything offered as a special or limited-edition model. But it is harder to offer much in the way of different body styles. Coupes and Cabriolets are pretty much it. So the ability to offer a third body tied so tight to the glory days of Porsche is almost impossible for the automaker to ignore. Especially with a significant celebration on the horizon. 

Porsche first dreamed up the current Speedster playbook in 1989 for the long-running original  911, based on Carrera models with the 3.2-liter flat-six. This was a one-year-only special. In 1994, the Speedster formula was transferred to the 964. Less than 1,000 were ever made.

993 911 Speedster
Porsche 993 911 Speedster | Porsche

Porsche skipped the 996 Porsches, to return the Speedster to 997 models in 2011. These are extremely rare with only 356 made. In 2019, a new 911 Speedster debuted after a couple of years of teasing the model. These, too, are closely based on the GT3 911. 

Since there is nothing officially from Porsche, it’s hard to speculate on the price. The 2019 991 Speedster’s price was $275,000. But prices have only ramped up since then. We expect something like $350,000 or more. As we said, it’s like printing money. So Porsche can take a 2023 GT3 with an MSRP of $170,000, double the price with a Speedster version, and sell every one it can produce.