Wild Rumor Says Next Chevrolet Camaro Will Be All-Electric

According to a new report from CarBuzz, there’s a chance Chevrolet will be the first automaker to sell an electric pony car. If the wild rumor turns out to be true, then the next Chevy Camaro is far from dead, even if it has been delayed. And while it sounds crazy at first, the Camaro’s chief engineer did recently take a leading role in the electric vehicle department at GM.

AL Oppenheiser’s hidden hand

The speculation that Chevy may be heading the electric way hinges on the news about the automaker’s top Camaro engineer, Al Oppenheiser, leaving the Camaro team and joining the electric car department at Chevy’s mother company, GM. Oppenheiser has extensive knowledge in the field of high-performance cars and speculation is rife that he may put it into the creation of a high-speed electric vehicle that would carry the Camaro badge.

But creating an electric car requires time and dedication. So if the speculation is correct, it would still take several years for a new electric Camaro to hit the showrooms. Oppenheiser has only been on the electric vehicle team for a few months now and developing an all-new electric pony car requires some time. Which might explain the rumored delay of the next-generation Camaro.

Camaro Sales

Chevrolet recently attempted to add new life to the struggling Camaro by introducing some controversial front-end styling. The 2019 model’s refreshed front end sported a black center with the Chevy “Flowtie” badge in the middle. Combined with the contrasting black sections on the bumper, it created the impression of a newly trimmed goatee—or a grimace!F

A new electric Camaro could be Chevy’s way of fighting off fierce competition from the likes of the Ford Mustang and the Dodge Challenger. The Camaro sales have been on the decline over the years, and the new controversial front-end look only made matters worse.

Keeping the Camaro Alive

Interestingly, Chevrolet also recently introduced an all-electric Camaro-based drag racer that makes around 700 hp and can run the quarter-mile in about 10 seconds. Could that be Chevy’s version of testing the water to see if an electric Camaro might sell? In a few years, we may find out.

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