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Lincoln is a name that instantly makes people think about luxury sedans. While the reputation for being a luxury car brand is a good thing, in past decades, Lincoln has struggled with younger drivers considering the brand staid and old fashioned.

Desperate to break free of the stigma that it only creates cars parents and grandparents like, Lincoln has spent the past few years reinventing the company’s brand.

The Corsair is Lincoln’s contribution to the competitive world of crossover vehicles. Based on early hype, it’s a great choice the next time you take a getaway trip.

The 2020 Lincoln Corsair looks great

Getaway trips are more fun when you know you look good. The 2020 Lincoln Corsair is designed to ensure that you look and feel good while you’re behind the wheel.

The entire exterior is designed to give the impression of both speed and elegance, rather like a large jungle cat. While many automakers seem to like a boxy design that uses lots of straight lines, Lincoln incorporated lots of curves into the Corsair’s exterior.

According to David Woodhouse, the person tasked with designing the 2020 Corsair, the company liked the curved exterior because it creates the illusion that the vehicle is in motion, even while it’s parked.

What the company didn’t do was get rid of Lincoln’s signature grille, which pairs nicely with the wraparound rear window. Anyone who catches a glimpse of the vehicle instantly knows that it’s a luxury crossover.

You’ll enjoy a quiet, peaceful ride

Unwanted road noise spoils road trips. This is why Lincoln worked hard to ensure that each time you take the 2020 Lincoln Corsair on a road trip, that you’re not even aware of the sound the vehicle makes as it zips along the highway.

The vehicle is outfitted with active noise control which uses the Corsair’s audio system to decrease the amount of engine noise you hear while you’re driving.

In addition to the active noise control system, the Lincoln Corsair has acoustic side windows and an acoustic windshield that block out irritating road sounds, allowing you to enjoy quiet conversations, audiobooks, podcasts, and music.

Space isn’t a problem

One of the biggest reasons so many drivers like crossovers is because they have more space than sedans. The 2020 Lincoln Corsair isn’t an exception. The design team worked hard to make sure you have as much space as possible while you’re road tripping in the Corsair. 

A dual wall dashboard that is built into the cabin’s engine compartment creates a great deal of space for both the driver and passenger. This allows each of you to enjoy your own personal bubbles while you travel. Dual-zone climate control comes standard in all Lincoln Corsair trims, for additional comfort. 

The rear seats are situated so passengers in the back have ample leg-room. The backseats can be slid forward or backward 6 inches when additional space is needed. If you’re not hauling passengers, the back seats feature a 60/40 split which provides additional cargo room for luggage, pets, and office supplies.

There are 28 feet of cubic space behind the 2020 Lincoln Corsair’s rear seats. The amount of available cubic cargo space increases to 58 cubic feet when the rear seats are laid flat.

The Lincoln Corsair keeps you safe

The great thing about the Lincoln Corsair is that it’s both fun and safe to drive. The crossover is equipped with an intelligent all-wheel-drive system that allows it to effortlessly detect and adapt to all driving conditions.

The Lincoln Co-Pilot 360 comes standard on all versions of the 2020 Lincoln Corsair and provides valuable assistance with blind spots, senses potential collisions, lane assist, backing up, post-impact braking, and sends out an SOS in event of a crash. 

There’s no information currently available about how the 2020 Lincoln Corsair performed in standardized safety tests.

Additional luxury features

The 2020 Lincoln Corsair is packed full of some amazing features that include:

  • Heated steering wheel
  • Power rear liftgate
  • Intelligent all-wheel drive system
  • Lincoln pick-up and delivery
  • Individual driver profile recognition
  • Infotainment center
  • A steering wheel with a digital gauge cluster
  • Spacious center console

One of the cool features you’ll enjoy about the 2020 Lincoln Corsair is that once you register a smartphone with the vehicle, the car will unlock whenever that phone approaches, making it possible for you to get into the vehicle without setting your groceries on the ground while you fish in your pocket for a key fob.

You should be able to purchase the 2020 Lincoln Corsair near the end of 2019.