Why You Should Never Buy the 2007 Volkswagen Touareg

Volkswagen fans are loyal to their favorite models, often owning more than one in their lifetimes. Those who own a Volkswagen Touareg are equally fierce about adoring their SUVs, and there are plenty of reasons why. Produced from 2004 through 2017, this luxury SUV was one of the first in the segment, and, according to some, it was largely misunderstood at the time.

The U.S. market marginally embraced it at first in part due to the engineering marvel behind its capability, style, and performance. Of course, today, there are luxury crossovers around every corner. But for some, the Touareg grandfathered that movement. Despite it no longer being in production, it remains a popular used choice for many. Although, as with every vehicle out there, there’s one year worth avoiding.

There’s no such thing as a perfect VW Touareg


The Volkswagen Touareg may be perfect for many, but there’s no such thing as a flawless vehicle. CarComplaints.com collects reports from vehicle owners, and there were a few problems with the Touareg over its near-15-year run.

Some cited concerns about their exterior paint wearing prematurely. Others complained of window malfunctions and phantom suspension noises. For the most part, and when compared to other makes and models, the VW Touareg has a low number of overall complaints.

The model year with the most complaints

According to the Car Complaints data, the 2005 model year had the most number of complaints of all. There were owners who experienced problems with their drivetrains, others with their engines, and even a few regarding brake issues.

A few shared quick-fix concerns with interior lighting and electrical features. The list of reports may sound long, but most were isolated with fewer than five Touareg owners reporting for each.

The most-reported problem happens to this model year

The problem that seems to have been reported the most is one regarding a loud noise erupting from under the car. The model year affected was the 2008 VW Touareg. Out of the five reported noise complaints, three owners ended up replacing the drive shafts altogether. The others shared that their replacements were limited to the drive shaft support mounts or bearings. Overall, the average cost to repair was slightly over $1,000.

Which year was the absolute worst for the Touareg?

If you’re thinking about parking a Volkswagen Touareg in your driveway this year, there’s one model year that you might consider avoiding. Again, while there aren’t overwhelming reports of problems overall, the 2007 model year is the worst, according to Car Complaints.

The problem begins with an engine and EPC light coming on around the 79,000-mile mark. The 2007 Touareg earns a ‘really awful’ rating because of the cost to repair. The two complaints that led to this rating reported having to replace the timing chain and assembly, costing almost $7,000.

Other concerns regarding the Volkswagen Touareg

Checking with reports collected with RepairPal.com, a few problems show up regarding failed fuel pumps and problematic tire wear. Based on these and other reported concerns, the VW Touareg receives a 3.5 out of 5 as a reliability rating. It does come in with a slightly higher than average cost to repair, with a $676 annual amount.

If you weren’t sure, it’s pronounced “Twar-egg” and means “free folk.” The name Touareg comes from a nomadic Sahara tribe and is as unique as the luxury SUV itself. If you have one in mind to buy in the coming weeks, you can prepare to be wowed as many other consumers have already. Just beware of various concerns owners have cited with their models before you buy. It may be wise to avoid the 2007 Touareg altogether.