Why You Should Never Buy the 2007 Buick Lucerne

Some Buick lovers may be aware of the history of the short-lived Buick Lucerne, while others may not be. Like other Buicks, such as the Cascada, the Lucerne had a powerful engine for its class. However, like many other cars in history, it simply never sold well enough to survive. That said, if you’re looking to buy a used Lucerne, you should avoid the 2007 model year at all costs.

The 2007 Lucerne’s worst issue

According to Car Complaints, the 2007 Buick Lucerne was the worst year for the car. That said, it wasn’t too bad of a year compared to other makes and models. For example, the 2007 Lucerne didn’t get many complaints in general, and in fact, it didn’t even have the most complaints among the Lucerne model years. The 2008 Lucerne had more complaints, but the 2007 Lucerne’s issues were actually more severe.

The most common issue for the 2007 Lucerne had to do with its electrical system. Car Complaints said that at just an average mileage of 45,000 miles, many 2007 Lucerne owners reported that their car’s electrical system had failed, sometimes with disastrous results. While some 2007 Lucerne owners reported a mild issue with the electrical system, making the heating system not work, others reported their car stalling and crashing.

Fortunately for these 2007 Lucerne owners, Car Complaints says that no deaths were caused by this issue. That said, Car Complaints does say that at least three crashes and three injuries were caused by the 2007 Lucerne’s electrical failures. 

The 2007 Lucerne had costly problems too

J.J. Henry stands in front of a Buick Lucerne with the trophy after winning the Buick Championship
The Buick Lucerne | Chris Condon/Getty Images

While the 2007 Buick Lucerne’s electrical issue was its most common problem, it had other costly problems as well. Car Complaints says that one of the most costly problems that the 2007 Lucerne had was in regards to its suspension system. With an average mileage of just under 65,000 miles, several owners on Car Complaints said that their struts suddenly broke.

Not only that, but one owner said that their struts broke again after they were serviced just eight weeks ago. On average, fixing those broken struts cost owners about $1,870. This was such a severe problem that Car Complaints gave it a severity rating of 9.5 out of 10. 

However, the most expensive issue that Car Complaints said that the 2007 Lucerne had was in regards to its engine. While rare, Car Complaints said that the engine on the 2007 Lucerne could overheat, and this led to a massive repair fee. Car Complaints said that this rare engine overheating issue had an average repair cost of $5,000. The average mileage on the cars that had this issue was high as they had an average mileage of about 98,000 miles.

The 2007 Lucerne’s other problems

The 2007 Buick Lucerne had a lot of other issues. The most serious of them had to do with its airbags. Car Complaints said that after about 70,000 miles, many 2007 Lucerne owners encountered issues with their airbags. One of the most common problems was that the airbags just didn’t deploy. This airbag safety issue was involved in at least 11 crashes and it caused 12 injuries. Fortunately, however, nobody has died from this issue, according to Car Complaints.

Additionally, the 2007 Lucerne was involved in several massive recall campaigns that affected many other cars. Between the four recalls that affected the 2007 Lucerne, over 5 million vehicles were recalled overall. Again, not all of those cars were Lucerne models, but the Lucerne shared issues with those cars. 

The most common recall issues had to do with the ignition switch turning off, the windshield module short-circuiting, and the wiper washer system being a potential fire hazard.