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Camper vans are increasingly more popular as families look for new ways to explore and venture out safely. And with this explosion of interest in mobile vacationing and travel comes a robust market of available camper vans, mobile homes, and RVs.

There is a brand and design layout for almost every buyer and budget. So, when Mercedes-Benz got into the camper van game, most probably anticipated a luxury introduction with a higher-than-usual MSRP. But with a price of a whopping $145,920, why would anyone even buy this Mercedes-Benz Sprinter camper van?

Even this camper van’s price tag screams luxury

When a vehicle rolls off the line with the Mercedes-Benz logo, it’s expected to come with premium materials, exclusive extras, and top-of-line features. The Mercedes-Benz partner, Alphavan, came on the camper van stage and it definitely doesn’t appear to disappoint.

Average camper vans range in price from $50,000 to $100,000 these days, depending on the configuration and what is offered. This latest Mercedes version of the Alphavan has an MSRP that clocks just over $145,000, according to New Atlas.

Deluxe features that make it worth every penny

The new Mercedes-Benz Alphavan isn’t your ordinary Sprinter van. This tiny home adventure on wheels offers a luxury seating area, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom.

Revolutionizing the camper van segment, this model features a FlexPort, rear under-bed area that can be used for storage or a child’s bedroom. Launching this camper van ahead of its time is its technological capability. Each Sprinter includes Mercedes-Benz’s User Experience, ME Connect platforms, and Advanced Control, making each van a fully functional smart home.

Mercedes-Benz offers its MBUX (user experience) as part of its traditional vehicle tech platform. The new Sprinter camper van taps into this MBUX for its navigation system and uses the Mercedes-Benz, ME Connect, to supply real-time driving information.

It also harnesses capability as a WiFi hotspot and Bluetooth. And there is also smartphone connectivity for the electrical awning, water systems, and even the air conditioning regulation.

Why would anyone buy this Mercedes-Benz?

Why in the world would anyone ever care to spend $145,000 on a mobile smart home with luxury touchpoints? Anyone looking for bigger, nicer, and smarter is going to buy and probably love, this Sprinter.

The Alphavan has bragging rights in size, with its extra-long wheelbase and super-high roof. It’s lighter and more extensive than most in this class. Adding the game-changing layout and smart capability only sweetens the deal. Imagine all of this and a 90-L refrigerator, a flush-mounted induction cooktop, tons of seating, and ample storage. It’s the gold standard for luxury at every level. 

It’s the ultimate camper van for those with a bigger budget

Mercedes-Benz Sprinters on display at a dealership
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans on display | Mateusz Wlodarczyk/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Officials with Mercedes-Benz and Alphavan interviewed with Business Insider, and they shared that this concept was a “no-brainer” for them.

Believing their Mercedes vehicles are the best in general, it only made sense for them to transition in developing the best camper van, too. Sure, it’s more expensive than most, but there’s also a significant difference in overall vehicle offerings and camper van-life experience.

The Mercedes-Benz Alphavan is already available in Europe. But there are plans to introduce this luxury vacation on wheels here in the states, as well. If you have a budget for a $145,920 camper van, and you want the most upscale features, unique layout and design, and a need for smart-home tech on the road, this is the only camper van worth considering.


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