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The Toyota Prius is a perennial favorite among environmentally conscious drivers. However, with the growth of Tesla, the Prius’ place in the market has become far more competitive than before. Here’s a comparison between the Toyota Prius Prime and the Tesla Model 3, which is the most affordable Tesla on the market right now.

What the Toyota Prius Prime offers

A gray 2023 Toyota Prius Prime shows off its small car proportions and side profile.
Toyota Prius Prime | Toyota

The Prius Prime isn’t the standard Prius, but rather a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) version of the Prius. Moreover, TrueCar says the Prime boasts up to 44 miles of electric-only drive. As a result, it’s more versatile than the regular Prius overall, but it’s also more expensive. Specifically the 2023 Prius Prime starts at around $33,445, while the regular Prius starts at about $28,545. 

Better yet, the model’s new facelift, the Prius and its Prime sibling have never looked better. However, any fans with performance on their list of priorities will be chuffed at the Prime’s latest performance figures; a 2023 Prius Prime has the potential to hit 60 mph in just 6.6 seconds. Of course, it’s not a performance car, but rather a bragging point held by a practical five-seater hatchback.

What the Tesla Model 3 has to offer

A black 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range stretches its legs on a long snowy road.
Model 3 | Tesla

The 2023 Tesla Model 3 starts at about $29,740, firmly between the Toyota Prius and Prius Prime. That said, the Model 3’s upper trims swell the EV’s price, with the Performance costing as much as $42,740. Still, for the money, the Model 3 Performance is one of the fastest-accelerating cars at its price point.

Model 3 RWD$29,740
Model 3 Long Range$36,740
Model 3 Performance$42,740

Obviously, the Model 3 is a fully electric car, and that gives it advantages as well as disadvantages over hybrids. For example, due to how electric motors work, the Tesla Model 3 can accelerate far faster than the Prius Prime can. As a result, the Model 3 is more fun to drive. However, the Model 3’s range is dependent on its batteries, which requires going to a charging station for a lengthy fill-up.

Both the Tesla Model 3 and the Toyota Prius Prime are great, but it’s up to you


The Toyota Prius and Other Cars Most Likely to Take You to 200,000 Miles

If you want one of the best fuel economies possible as well as the latest smart features, it’s a no-brainer – the Model 3 is that car for you. Still, there are reasons why the Prius Prime, or even just the basic Prius, is a good idea. 

For example, the Prius Prime’s mix of PHEV connectivity and gas-powered convenience makes the model a road trip-friendly companion. Moreover, the Prius Prime drives like a regular car, and its interior is less minimalist spaceship and more familiar commuter car.

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