Why Would Anyone Buy A Model Y Tesla? Here’s Why Not

The coming Tesla Model Y makes no sense. There is no reason for it to exist. The Model Y only up-tics the headroom in a Model 3. They’re basically the same car underneath. The Model Y has been advertised as having a third row of seats, but no adult will fit in that third seat. So, what’s the advantage of the Model Y over the Model 3? As far as we can tell absolutely nothing.

We should say that at Motor Biscuit we are fans of Tesla and CEO and Founder Elon Musk’s efforts. We are not anti-Tesla detractors. We like the Model 3 overall and have friends and family that own one and they love it. But that’s the point.

The Model Y goes in the wrong direction based on consumer trends

Tesla Model 3/Model Y comparo

With sedan sales slowing by the day, and larger SUVs with legit third-row seating, the Model Y is going in the wrong direction. Splitting hairs between the Model 3 and Model X is an effort into “why bother?”

The Model Y? Is built on the Model 3’s platform, and shares a lot of internal components. During a Tesla stock conference call, Musk was asked about this very thing. He said, “No, I don’t think we are expecting to see cannibalization of Model 3-one is a sedan and one is an SUV.”

The Model Y is called an SUV, but is it?

2020 Tesla Model Y | Tesla
2020 Tesla Model Y | Tesla

Except that the Model Y is very thinly in the category of being an SUV. It is much more like a small crossover. You can call it an SUV, but that doesn’t mean it really is when compared to actual SUVs. 

Wall Street analyst Adam Jonas says that the Model Y is “likely to cannibalize the Model 3, in our opinion. The Model Y offers substantially greater space, nearly identical performance, and nearly as much range as a Model 3...and it has 2 extra seats in a 3rd row which is a very big deal, especially for the US market.” But that “third seat” will only fit your dog Chloe or a couple of small children.

The difference between a Model Y and Cybertruck also doesn’t make sense

Another problem with the whole “Model Y is an SUV” thing is that it will sell for $48,000 with the single-motor model. The Cybertruck, which in many ways is more versatile and much more unique, will start at $39,900 for the single-motor version. That’s a difference of over $8,500 for a Cybertruck that seats six and has a 250-mile range. 

So, there are different ways that the Model Y could be cannibalized from within the products of Tesla. It’s heavier, slower, and punches through the atmosphere with a bit more effort than the Model 3. The Model Y boasts of more cargo space, but the Cybertruck can top those numbers.

Tesla siblings offer equal or better features when compared to the Model Y

See what we mean? It’s hard to justify the Model Y once you start comparing it to some of its other siblings. Granted, the Cybertruck won’t be available until 2021 or more likely in 2022. So if you were hoping to get your new Tesla sooner rather than later then your choice is the Model Y. 

It always comes down to lots of small but important decisions that pencil out in favor of one product over another. The difficult part is figuring out why some of the offerings manufacturers present were ever thought to differentiate themselves to the extent they offer distinct advantages and disadvantages.