Why Won’t The Chevy Silverado Get An Off-Roading Trim?

The Ford Raptor and Ram 1500 TRX both exist, so what’s up with the Chevy Silverado? We know that the Chevrolet Silverado does technically have an off-roading trim, called the Trail Boss, but that’s not the same as a powerful off-roading performance truck. 

Where is the Chevy Silverado off-roading truck? 

Well, we aren’t exactly sure what General Motors has been planning for full-size trucks. The Chevy Colorado just got incredible updates, though. However, it’s a midsize option that could struggle against the full-size Raptor and TRX. Wait a second. The 2021 Chevy Silverado also isn’t following suit with names. Where is its dinosaur theme? 

A 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 driving on the road with trees and the sun in the background
The 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 on display | Chevrolet

According to The Drive, GM may have been focusing on vehicles for daily commutes instead. That’s what happened with the Chevy Blazer. Instead of bringing it back as a rugged off-roader, they made it more like a sports car by giving it Camero elements for around town. 

The classic Blazer that fans loved was discontinued due to low sales. It wasn’t worth it back in the day to redesign the SUV to meet rising emission standards. This is also why the Ford Bronco was discontinued, but Ford revived it as an extremely popular off-roading machine. 

Is an off-road beast coming? 

But if you switch gears and head to Muscle Cars & Trucks, you’ll notice that General Motors is hinting at building more off-road vehicles. After the Ford Bronco made its debut and with the attention surrounding the GMC Hummer, GM mentioned wanting to expand their presence in the off-road space. 

GM CEO, Marry Barra, shared what they plan to look at each brand to expand off-road offerings. This includes GMC and Chevrolet. So, Chevy could be late to the party, like they are with their redesign and electric truck. 

MonsterMax Chevy Silverado
MonsterMax Chevy Silverado | Chevy

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Mary also used the new GMC Hummer EV as an example of off-roading capability. However, it’s a luxury vehicle, meaning it’s not for everyone. By building more options, they could provide an economical off-roading truck or SUV. 

We know that the new Chevrolet Silverado BET (Battery Electric Truck) is on the way, but that’s about it. Information about it has only been teased so far, but it’s safe to expect that it will have the power and off-roading capabilities to take on the Electric Ford F-150. 

The SVE Yenko Silverado got us excited 

The SVE Yenko Chevy Silverado is an off-roading beast with 800-hp. That’s more than the Ram 1500 TRX has to offer. However, this is the truck Chevy won’t build. This is an aftermarket truck made by Specialty Vehicle Engineer (SVE). 

A black 2021 SVE Yenko Chevrolet Silverado Off-Road climbs a mountain
2021 SVE Yenko Chevrolet Silverado Off-Road | Specialty Vehicle Engineering

But if you want one, act fast. There will only be 50 units available for 2021, and they will be sold by authorized Chevy dealers. Also, prepare your wallet because the base model starts around $84,995 while the fully loaded option begins around $130,000. 

The Yenko Silverado has a 6.2-liter V8 engine with 800 hp, forged aluminum pistons, a twisted steel crankshaft, new upgraded injectors, and more. You’ll also find Fox performance shocks, a larger rear sway bar, Nitto off-road tires, six-piston Brembo front calipers, and an array of custom decal options.