Why These Jeep Models Are The Worst

It’s a Jeep. That means you can trust it, right? Well, maybe. Jeep has been entrusted to produce reliable vehicles for close to a century. However, not all of their experiments are successful. A few Jeep models such as the Liberty, Compass, and even Grand Cherokee have been lemons. Just because the word Jeep hovers above the grille doesn’t mean it’s a good buy.

The Jeep Liberty 

As an attempt to attract new customers, Jeep introduced the Liberty as a modern, rounded Jeep, to phase out the Cherokee. This was a significant mistake that leaves fans missing the XJ. In fact, a used XJ could be more reliable than the 2002 to 2007 Liberty. 

With a clearance of only 8,” the Liberty fails in comparison to other Jeeps in terms of off-roading capabilities. Along with issues off the road, the Liberty also faces problems on the pavement with a short life span. 

Many Jeep Liberty owners discovered that their vehicles, especially the V6 models, had engine problems. By the time Liberties make 100k miles, they need some repairs. That’s if they last that long. 

The leaky drive shaft, transmission issues, and failing window regulators are also common complaints. 

However, one of the most significant disadvantages to the Jeep Liberty is the lack of comfort it provides. Drivers complain about the seats being too stiff with limited cargo space. The vehicle also seems shakey at high speeds and doesn’t take bumps or gravel terrain very well. 

The Jeep Commander 

Jeep Commander
Jeep Commander

The 2006 to 2010 Jeep Commander came out as a way for Jeep to provide a larger SUV for the entire family to enjoy. However, it may leave your family groaning on the side of the road instead of taking them on a fun adventure. 

Some people wish the backseat was removed to make more cargo space. Even though the Commander is only 2 inches longer than the Cherokee, it’s taller appearance gives it the impression that it could store more items. 

The Commander also seems to have a lot of cheap issues that are a headache to fix. For example, the sunroof is hugely prone to leaking. Owners will tell you to avoid driving it int he rain. 

The window regulators are also prone to failure. Plus, many people have experienced issues with the door handles breaking from the inside. Are you prepared to roll your window down to reach out and open your door to get out? 

However, one of the most significant issues stems from the engine and transmission, because drivers have experienced their Commanders randomly cutting off. 

The Jeep Compass 

Jeep Compass

From 2007 to 2017, people took a gamble with the Jeep Compass only to be shorted. Literally, they were shorted because the Compass has a variety of wiring issues that caused the engine to stop. Plus, the transmission overheats around 70k miles.

People also commonly experience leaking in the Jeep Compass, even though they don’t have a sunroof. Around the windshield and interior lights on the roof, water somehow finds a way to drip on the interior.

If being dripped on isn’t bothersome enough, these older Jeep Compass models are uncomfortable to drive. The seats have earned a ‘meh’ rating, and the cabin is loud. The axles squeak, and the uncontrollable vibration of the chassis seems to be more trouble than it’s worth. 

That’s if you can get your Compass to go. There are various throttle body issues that have caused people to experience the failure to accelerate have left people stranded in dangerous situations.