Why the Toyota Tacoma Still Dominates as the Best Truck

While the Toyota Tacoma isn’t ranking as the best midsize truck on several lists, it’s still the most popular truck. The Toyota Tacoma still outsells every single rival. Despite being knocked by critics, the Tacoma isn’t falling down, and here’s why. 

Why is the Toyota Tacoma the best truck? 

Why is the Toyota Tacoma so popular? Well, if you take a look at truck sales, you’ll notice that the Toyota Tacoma sells more units than its rivals. Also, to our surprise, the Chevy Colorado is the second most popular option. But these numbers are based on the number of sales, not how critics feel. 

Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro off-roading in dirt
2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro | Toyota

According to sources like J.D. Power and more, the Tacoma is a middle of the pack option. So apparently, drivers and critics disagree. So, it’s time to dive in and see what actual drivers have to say because the Tacoma is the most popular truck for a reason. 

1. The Toyota Tacoma lasts forever 

If you ask people why they like the Toyota Tacoma, you’ll hear them say it lasts forever. But how many miles will the Toyota Tacoma last? According to VehicleHistory, they last an eternity. Owners commented on this forum saying that their trucks are going on 400k to 500k miles and are chugging along just fine. 

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But this could be true for older models. The 2015 Toyota Tacoma is seen as the most reliable option in recent history. Then, according to consumer reports, numbers start to decline. The 2015 Tacoma has a 5/5 for reliability. 

Then in 2016, the reliability score fell to 3 out of 5. The 2020 Toyota Tacoma has a predicted reliability rating of 3/5 too. Problem areas include the transmission, drive system, brakes, body integrity, and in-car electronics. 

2. The Tacoma has a great resale value 

The Toyota Tacoma can be seen as a safe bet. It has the best resale value out of all midsize trucks. It also has the second-best predicted resale value after five years. The Jeep Wrangler holds its value the most, but it’s not a truck. So, if you need a truck, the Tacoma is still #1. 

2020 Toyota Tacoma towing a boat
2020 Toyota Tacoma | Toyota

According to iSeeCars, the average depreciation rate for a vehicle over five years is 49.6%. But after five years of owning the Toyota Tacoma, it only depreciated at a rate of 32%. So when it’s time to get a new truck, you’ll get value from selling or trading your used Toyota Tacoma in. 

3. The Toyota Tacoma is great for off-roading 

The Toyota Tacoma is known for having excellent off-roading chops. This is the one thing that critics and owners do agree about. It doesn’t matter which review site you click. They all say the Tacoma has extraordinary off-roading capabilities. 

The 2018 Toyota Tacoma driving down a dirt road
The off-road capable 2018 Toyota Tacoma | Photo via Toyota

Cons may include that the ride is stiff, and it can tow as much as rivals, but apparently, that doesn’t matter. The Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro off-roading trim has hill start assist, active traction control, multi-terrain select, crawl control, an electronically locking rear differential, and more. 

With the 2021 Toyota Tacoma, you get a 32-degree approach angle and 9.4-inch ground clearance. Sure, there are a lot of new off-roading full-size trucks to consider, but they have longer wheelbases and can be too large for narrow trails. The midsize Tacoma will take you anywhere, though.