The Mercedes X-Class Has Been Pulled Early

The Mercedes X-Class has been discontinued before we really got to know it. In less than three years since this luxury truck was introduced, it’s officially saying good bye. This short-lived truck was only introduced two years ago to the Australian market, so what exactly happened?

Why The Mercedes X-Class Is Being Discontinued 

While BMW currently serves as the leading premium automaker in the U.S., Mercedes is not far behind as the global leader in luxury auto sales. But their proven success with van models such as the Sprinter along with the demand for a premium load-hauler in other countries wasn’t enough to keep the X-Class alive. 

The X-Class was announced in 2015 as a mid-sized truck to compete against the Volkswagen Amarok. It was expected to expand growth in crucial global markets but had it’s life cut short extremely early because it seems too similar to the Nissan NP300 Navara.

The X-Class’s Similarities To The Navara 

Once Mercedes announced that the X-Class would share parts with the Navara and even use the Nissan plant in Spain as part of its production hub, consumers began to lose interest. They felt as if the X-Class was going to simply be an overpriced version of the NP300 Navara. 

With the price of the X-Class already being quite high for the South American markets, Mercedes already decided to cancel production for the dual-cab model in Argentia. This truck was simply not economically viable for South America. 

However, the NP300 Navara is an affordable option, so initially launching with the Nissan 2.3 four-cylinder diesel engine instead of their own V6 was a considerable mistake. 

In an attempt to get out of hot water Mercedes lunched the X350 4Matic ahead of schedule, which did help it compete against the Ford Ranger and other popular trucks. However, it looks extremely similar to the Nissan. 

Nissan Navara
Nissan Navara

Mercedes tried to point out differences with the chassis, cabin, suspension, and unique sound reducing design, but it wasn’t enough. When analyzed even the door handles, steering column, and screws seem extremely similar. This could be why sales are extremely low compared to the Ranger, HiLux, and Amarok. 

The X-Class is Going Out In Style 

As the X-Class says goodbye they’re going out with the X-Class Off-Road and X-Class Extreme final additions that turn heads as lavish models. The interiors feature luxurious upholstery in bed and back along with a carbon dash and redesigned dials. 

Mercedes X-Class interior

A rugged body kit that’s painted the same color as the body with integrated carbon elements make the features pop. Plus, the off-road body kit includes an LED light bar, front skid plate, tonneau cover, enhanced side seals, and all-terrain tires. 

Mercedes-Benz Will Continue Working On Other Projects 

Despite Mercedes claiming that they have been working on their unique X-Class since 2015, they are saying goodbye to it for now. They will continue to identify where exactly their truck will fit in future markets. 

In the meantime, Mercedes will reveal two brand new models in 2020 including a brand new S-Class model and an electrified model. These models are to replace the C-Class and SL, but we will have to wait a little longer for information about their official debut.