Why the Honda Ridgeline Has the World’s Craziest Wikipedia Page

When you think about some of the car and truck models on the road today, with a long and detailed history dating back decades or more, it’s easy to understand why a general internet search of these cars produces loads of data. Ford Mustangs, for example, have a huge fan base and even larger cultural footprint. They have made movies about them. Popular artists over the years have written songs about them. If you go to Wikipedia, you’ll find more Mustang details than you probably care to know.

So, when word got out about a crazy Wikipedia page dedicated to the Honda Ridgeline, people scratched their heads. They’re great trucks, but don’t necessarily have a cult following or social impact like a few of the older running vehicles. Why is the Ridgeline’s Wikipedia considered the world’s craziest? We dove in and took a closer look.

Who’s contributing to all the nerdy info?

When you visit the Wiki page for the Honda Ridgeline, prepare to be blown away at the staggering amount of details you find. If you want to know about small vortex generators on the mirrors or the full spectrum of gear ratios, you’ll have them at your fingertips. A small band of what some might call Ridgeline nerds are responsible for the impressive contributions to the page. One in particular, with a screen name of “McChizzle,” seems to have an overarching love for the Ridgeline that is unmatched.

Who is “McChizzle?”

Apparently, there is a Ridgeline Owner’s Club forum, and one of its proud members is the Wiki contributor, “McChizzle.” According to an interview with Jalopnik, “McChizzle” revealed his insights. He lived in Virginia and owned a 2009 Ridgeline RTL. He commutes, occasionally tows his boat, and became a Ridgeline champion of its engineering and design. In the beginning, his curiosity to learn more had him digging in to find all the information he could about its history. It was then he discovered, there were internet misconceptions, false claims, and a misunderstood softness of the truck overall. One primary source that required attention was the Ridgeline’s Wikipedia presence.

“McChizzle” to the rescue

As it turns out, “McChizzle” works for the Department of Defense, and has substantial knowledge about how Wiki data is collected. It’s with this expertise, he thought he should jump in and help Ridgeline regain strength in fact-based details. He interviewed enthusiasts in the Ridgeline Owner’s forums and identified authentic sources for Honda statistics and data. In 2014, he started infusing Wiki with what he had gathered. Carefully sticking to best practices and reliable sources, he has been able to craft what some call, a love letter of overwhelming details about the Ridgeline.

Some obscure Ridgeline details featured on the Wikipedia page

Even the most die-hard truck enthusiasts might learn a few obscure details from the Honda Ridgeline Wiki page. For example, you might not know that the Ridgeline’s bed tie-downs can handle up to 350 pounds, or that the in-bed trunk can hold 300 pounds of storage. If you’re interested in learning about the various Ridgeline years, in terms of transmission gear ratios, you’ll have handy infographics as resources. If you’re more interested in sales data, wheel options, or trim levels, the Honda Ridgeline Wikipedia page has you covered.

The truth is, “McChizzle” didn’t have to undertake the task of revamping a poorly misleading Wikipedia page. But, in his interview, he stressed he had been so impressed with the Honda Ridgeline he owned, it inspired him to be an advocate online. He’s a true believer, but more than that, he’s done his homework correctly. In doing so, he’s set the record straight online, and anyone looking for a little info on the Ridgeline will find precise and reliable details, albeit a little crazy.