Why the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Is Still an Awesome Off-Road Truck

The Chevrolet Colorado ZR2  is considered one of the most reliable off-road trucks on the market. Its off-road capability is impressive. Chevy went to great lengths to make sure that no matter what challenge you encounter while navigating rural trails, the Colorado ZR2 can handle them. When it debuted, the ZR2 gave both the Jeep Gladiator and the Toyota TRD Pro a run for their off-roading money and remains an awesome off-road truck.

An overview of the Colorado ZR2

When Chevrolet decided to create an off-road truck, they were determined vehicle wouldn’t have any limitations. They looked at the problems that drivers routinely experienced while driving on remote off-road trails and created a team of designers who were willing to work through these issues and turn out a truck that surpassed current off-road vehicles. The result was the Colorado ZR2

At first glance, the Colorado ZR2 doesn’t look like the perfect truck for going off-road.  It’s small, even when compared to other trucks in its class. It weighs about 700 pounds less than the Ford Ranger, which makes some people question its value as an off-road vehicle. When Chevy first revealed the Colorado ZR2, critics thought that the company thought an off-road vehicle was one you drove down a well-groomed two track while fetching firewood. Once drivers started test driving the ZR2 attitudes changed. They learned that despite the ZR2’s diminutive size, this was a vehicle with enough power to take them to the ends of the world!

The Colorado ZR2’s small size is actually one of the things that makes it a great off-road vehicle.

The smaller chassis, which gives the truck more strength and stability while rock climbing. Its eight-gear transmission combined with four-wheel driveability makes it possible for you to power through snow, mud, deep water, and steep banks. The ZR2’s state-of-the-art suspension keeps the vehicle balanced over even the roughest trails, allowing passengers to enjoy the view and making it easier for the driver to maintain control of the vehicle.

Why the Colorado ZR2 is an awesome off-road truck

The special features Chevrolet added to the ZR2 allow you to take your vehicle on adventures you simply wouldn’t dare try in a different truck. The truck has a nine-inch lift which gives it quite a bit of ground clearance. If you take it rock climbing or over deeply rutted trails, the skid plates beneath the vehicle protect the fuel pan, transmission, and other important parts from getting dinged, shredded, or ripped away. The same steel plates also help protect many of those same moving parts from filling with trail debris, which extends the overall life of your truck.

Knowing your truck is mechanically and structurally able to handle any obstacles you point it at drastically increases the enjoyment you get from each off-road adventure.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to go on extended camping trips in remote areas, the diesel Colorado ZR2 is perfect for you. It’s capable of pulling 8,000 pounds, allowing you to hook it up to a lightweight trailer or camper and tow your supplies to your favorite camping destination.

Different Colorado ZR2 options 

While Chevy isn’t producing massive quantities of ZR2’s they are creating an assortment of trim options for those of us who love spending our weekends exploring the middle of nowhere. The most obvious choice is between the V6 gasoline engine and the diesel. While the v6 comes with a lower purchase price, don’t be surprised if you’re happier with the diesel’s performance. At the end of the day, the diesel provides the ZR2 with more low-end power and is also slightly more fuel-efficient.

Additional trim options include:

  • Chrome Appearance Package 
  • Premium Interior Package
  • ZR2 Dusk Special Edition
  • ZR2 Midnight Special Edition

If you’ve been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the 2021 Colorado ZR2 you’ll have noticed that it looks different. The front end received the maximum amount of changes with a more carved out appearance that draws attention to the wide tires, a smaller hollowed out logo that improves airflow, a raiseable light bar, and more features that allow the Colorado ZR2 to remain an awesome off-road truck!