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Has Porsche just revealed its version of the parent company’s Volkswagen ID. Buzz van? Yes and no. Porsche Netherlands has produced eight “Renndienst” vans to commemorate the company’s 75th anniversary. The Renndienst vans originally were T1 and T2 Volkswagen vans first used at the 1954 Mille Miglia races, and these are a celebration of those relics. 

What is the Porsche Renndienst ID. Buzz?

ID. Buzz
Porsche Renndienst ID. Buzz van | Porsche

Porsche unveiled its Vision Renndienst van concept back in 2018. The zoomy concept gave the ID. Buzz a run for its money as concepts go. But Porsche made it clear it was not considering producing a van. So while these ID. Buzz Renndienst vans are a product of Dutch enthusiasts, these eight examples will probably be the only ones we’ll see coming from Stuttgart. 

Renndienst means “Race Service.” They are all painted Burgundy Red, just like the originals, with the same Renndienst white lettering. Each one is a passenger version and not a cargo van, which the originals were. And all of the 1st Max vans feature a 201 hp rear motor combined with a 77kWh battery. 

Did Porsche modify the EV powertrain?

Porsche Renndienst concept
Porsche Renndienst Vision concept | Porsche

We want to see more power, but not all is lost. Though these won’t see powertrain modifications, VW is developing a performance ID. Buzz GTX with two motors. That’s more like what these eight examples should be powered with. Nonetheless, these promotional vehicles can be a road map for similar efforts by owners looking to customize their vans. 

The original Renndienst vans are collectible with Porsche collectors today. Porsche used them as race support vehicles. Porsche used them for races through the 1970s, for teams racing RSKs, 904s, 908s, and 917s. They were even impromptu flop houses for racing crews. 

Has Porsche created VW vans before?

Porsche Renndienst
Porsche Renndienst van 1950s | Porsche

Porsche has always toyed with VW Transporters throughout the years. Besides the original Renndienst examples, there were also T3 Vanagons. Porsche installed 3.0-liter 911 engines and transaxles in a limited run called “Carrera Busses.” At least seven were built. 

These freaks were developed to support 953 Group B rally racing in the 1980s. A number of them exist today, and the cool thing about them is that Porsche assigned VIN numbers as Porsche vans. So they are true Porsche products. 

What will Porsche do with these ID. Buzz vans?

ID. Buzz
Porsche Renndienst ID. Buzz van | Porsche

Along with the ID. Buzz examples, Porsche also applied the same Renndienst livery to a Taycan Sport Turismo. After promotional displays at Dutch Porsche dealerships for the next several months, they’ll go into service as shuttle buses for different Porsche-sponsored events. 

We hope Porsche doesn’t limit its van output to these eight Renndienst examples. And we also hope Porsche can modify them with an EV setup similar to the Taycan. How about it Porsche?


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