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Honda is and has been a popular brand here in the United States. The Japanese automaker has enjoyed top-tier sales with a variety of models within its portfolio, including the CR-V, the Civic, and the Accord. Despite its popularity and fierce loyalty among consumers, there is one Honda car that no one wants to buy.

The Honda car consumers aren’t buying

The numbers don’t lie, and recently, we put a magnifying glass on the various Honda passenger car quarterly sales numbers, reported by

Data has been analyzed regarding sales performance in the passenger car category over the last quarter. The Honda Insight only sold 4,902 in the fourth quarter of last year. Not only is that down almost 2,000 units from the same time in 2018, but it also pales in comparison to the other Honda models, routinely favorited by consumers in the U.S.

The reviews aren’t that bad

It’s not that the Honda Insight is a bad car. Actually, most experts and reviews offer favorable comments and recommendations. Many point out the refined style and value. Edmunds named the 2020 Honda Insight as one of its ‘Best Gas Mileage Cars’ for 2020.

The Edmunds experts also feature the Insight as one of the cheapest new cars, too. Car and Driver like the hybrid sedan’s ability to not look or feel like a hybrid. The reviews prefer the Insight’s more subtle approach to comfort and fuel-efficiency. So why aren’t consumers buying?

The Honda Civic is still king

Honda enthusiasts may not be buying the Insight because they’re getting everything they love and need from the already proven and capable Honda Civic. Both the Civic and Accord make the list of the top ten most popular cars across all 50 states.

A study from Insurify measured car preferences from over 1.6 million individual insurance applications and found both Honda Civic and Accord are most popular in 42% of states. Remember those Honda Insight sales numbers from 4Q last year? Now compare those 4,902 units sold to those of Accord and Civic. Honda Accord sold 63,104 while Civic sold 70,166.

What’s new for the Honda Insight in 2020?

Not much is new for the Honda Insight in terms of amenities and configurations. The 2020 Insight is part of the third generation, introduced for 2019. It still boasts excellence in fuel economy and quick acceleration for a hybrid.

The Insight is proud to be refined, roomy, and affordable. You can buy an LX base-level Honda Insight for $23,860. The mid-level EX will start around $25,240, and the premium level Touring Insight is about $29,270.

The hybrid consumers should be considering

Honda has a proven record of delivering fan-favorite and desirable vehicles in every segment. The Honda Insight is a worthwhile contender in the hybrid segment. It features a healthy combination of a gas engine and electric motors.

Harness 151 horses and jump from zero to 60 mph in 7.7 seconds, without noticing much more than a brief audible difference in acceleration. It’s quiet, balanced, and some say does a better job at fuel economy than most hybrids. Just because the numbers show not many are buying the Honda Insight doesn’t mean consumers shouldn’t be.

The Honda Insight is a smart addition to the Honda portfolio. It may just take some time for more car buyers to seek out hybrid passenger options. For now, the Honda Civic still tops the most-favorite lists for many, followed closely by the Honda Accord.

Considering the fierce loyalty of Honda enthusiasts, and successes of previous models, the Honda Insight may be gearing up for an upswing in sales in the quarters to come.