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Once again, we find ourselves getting upset over the new Ford Explorer. We’re a little bit tired of having our hearts broken as super cool new models get released in other countries. It doesn’t make sense for the updated 2023 Ford Explorer to only be released in China.

Is the 2023 Ford Explorer coming to America?

2023 Ford Explorer on the road
2023 Ford Explorer for China | Ford

Yes, America will get a version of the 2023 Ford Explorer. However, it might not be as cool as the model that’s getting released in China. This model has been designed specifically for the Chinese market, but we think it would do well in the United States too.

We understand that the Explorer is incredibly popular in China, and we get it. We’ve spent time behind the wheel getting to know everything about it. However, China is number two when it comes to Explorer sales.

China is in second place when it comes to having the most Explorer sales. So which country has the most Explorer sales? The United States does, baby! Plus, our version of the Explorer is due for a redesign.

According to MotorAuthority, the Explorer is built locally in China in a partnership with Changan. Maybe it has factories that are equipped for the new model.

What’s new for the Explorer?

The 2023 Ford Explorer has a brand new exterior look, in China at least. The front end was remodeled to feature a larger grille, surrounded by larger headlights connected by a long LED strip.

There are slimmer air intake vents, and the front bumper has more of a square shape. Plus, EXPLORER is spelled across the front of the hood.

In the rear, you’ll find new horizontal taillights and a beefier skid plate that pairs well with the dual exhaust pipes. The bumper features a different design for each trim level. The ST trim could have the sportiest looking option.

Also, the Explorer is longer than before! The Chinese model is about 199.3 inches long, while the current American model is 198.8 inches long. That’s a minor difference, but it could help improve the ride quality.

The interior was totally revamped to feature a more luxurious and upscale design. The burgundy red leather and ambient lighting are dope. The 27-inch touchscreen spanning across the dash is hard to miss. Plus, there is a 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster and head-up display.

What’s new for the American Explorer?

2023 Ford Explorer interior
2023 Ford Explorer interior – China | Ford

We’re still waiting to learn about the 2023 Ford Explorer in America. The Chinese model uses two of the three powertrain options that we have here, along with the 10-speed automatic transmission.

So, we don’t expect the 2023 Explorer to have any extra power. Rumors suggest that the 2024 Explorer might be electric in America. Also, a plug-in hybrid powertrain has been mentioned a few times.

Order banks for the 2023 Explorer are expected to open in August, so we should learn more soon. Perhaps the Chinese model could be a preview of what to expect, and we like what we see so far.

Stay tuned for the latest Explorer updates. A more fuel-efficient model would certainly change the game. Also, we wouldn’t mind a revised infotainment system and more tech.


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