Why is the Honda UR-V Banned in America?

The Honda UR-V is the most popular family SUV with luxurious features that we can’t have in the United States. But the Honda UR-V is a larger SUV that could be a better option for Americans aside from the Pilot. Why isn’t it available in America? 

Will the Honda UR-V be sold in America? 

The Honda UR-V used to be called the Honda Advancier and is sold in China only. This is unfortunate because Honda is a Japanese automaker that sells vehicles worldwide, and we have a feeling that the Honda UR-V would do particularly well in America. 

2021 Honda UR-V front the front
2021 Honda UR-V | Honda

Generally, compact SUVs do better in Asian countries, but the 2021 Honda UR-V made a bold move by receiving an increase in size. It’s now longer, which makes it even more enticing for us over here! 

However, the United States is the world’s second-largest auto market, and China is nipping on our heels for Honda’s profitability. While more Honda vehicles are built and sold in the U.S., China is quickly bridging the gap with faster growth

Can you import the Honda UR-V to the United States?

Some vehicles like the Honda CR-V and Pilot are manufactured in America, but the Honda UR-V is manufactured in China, making it much more affordable there. Plus, there is a 25% import tax on goods from China, so the Honda UR-V price could be raised too much to make selling them here worth it. 

Plus, we don’t know the emission standards of the Honda UR-V. Americans currently have higher emission standards than China, but China is implementing a stricter plan on new vehicles. So, the Honda UR-V may not currently meet U.S. standards. 

But on a positive note, sometimes Honda uses China to test out new vehicles. If the Honda UR-V continues to sell well, then we could see it in the United States. It shares the same platform with the Honda Pilot, so maybe it could be manufactured here in one of the Honda plants. 

What is so great about the 2021 Honda UR-V? 

The 2021 Honda UR-V is a confident and sporty looking Honda SUV with upgraded power and luxurious feel. The 370 Turbo Honda UR-V model pumps out 272-hp for a sportier drive with a speedy acceleration. 

2021 Honda UR-V from the side
2021 Honda UR-V | Honda

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 It’s updated look includes new LED headlamps, LED daytime running lights, and a lower grille. The new grille design looks like it was inspired by the Honda CR-V Turbo or Honda HR-V. Also, in the rear, the Honda logo separates the tail lights into two. The rear bumper has a new black design with silver muffler accents too. 

The engine is paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission, and the UR-V is available in front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. So, not only is it fast, but it can also tackle snow and other slippery conditions. 

Plus, the interior includes large leather seats and focus on advanced tech for comfort and convenience. You get a tri-zone automatic climate control system, adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, 360-view cameras, a new infotainment center, a panoramic roof, and more.