Why Is GM Making a Big Deal About Chevy Sales in South Korea?

At the beginning of August, Chevy launched a new e-quotation consulting service for its South Korean customers. This timely, contactless shopping method is in large part GM’s response to high South Korean demand for three Chevy vehicles: the Chevrolet Colorado, the Trailblazer, and the Traverse. GM Authority reports on exactly what we can expect from this new service.

A virtual dealership

In order to create a shopping experience that replicates visiting a Chevy dealership, this e-quotation service will display a plethora of high-quality images and will allow customers to select their Chevy options, trim, and accessories. An ability to visit this website at any time adds to the convenience, as shoppers aren’t limited to dealership hours.

However, perhaps this service’s biggest similarity to a real dealership is its price estimates. Unlike many traditional online car shopping options, this consulting service will account for payment methods, points, discounts, and shipping, as well as any desired add-ons. Customers will then be able to save the estimate they get, giving them the ability to return to it later.

Once the customer has settled on the vehicle and options they want, they place a down payment through the website. They then complete the contract with their dealer, who will ship the vehicle to them.

This highly accurate e-quotation system is designed to give customers peace of mind that they will not be missing any deals by not going to the dealership in person. By taking so many detailed factors into account, the website is able to provide all the same deals that would be available at the dealership.

The value of a contactless shopping option

With the ongoing pandemic, online shopping has made a significant leap, with many businesses looking for new ways to interact with customers in a contactless manner. This new Chevy e-quotation consulting service is no exception. GM Korea Marketing Manager Jeong-Yoon Jeong stated that the new website has allowed GM to “provide innovative and more convenient non-face-to-face services to customers.”

Indeed, GM Authority notes that the automaker has focused on optimizing the site’s loading speed and user experience in order to provide a more intuitive similitude of a dealership. By replicating real dealerships and providing detailed price estimates, GM hopes to give Chevy fans in South Korea a safer and more enjoyable way to shop.

Chevy’s current popularity in South Korea

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According to GM Authority, Chevy sales in South Korea spiked in June, going up by 62 percent. This is in large part due to the release of the new Chevy Trailblazer, which, true to its name, is charging ahead in the South Korean market. The Trailblazer is the best-selling Chevy model in South Korea — it sold 3,187 units in March, dipped slightly for a few months, and then rose again, selling 3,037 units in June.

However, the Trailblazer isn’t the only popular Chevy in South Korea. Sales of the Chevy Colorado totaled 479 units, while sales of the Chevy Traverse totaled 574 units. In fact, while the Trailblazer is the most popular Chevy model overall, the Traverse is the leading imported Chevy on the South Korean market. This crossover’s immense popularity is likely due to a recent widespread marketing campaign, which touted the Traverse’s size and utility and led to its best-ever sales performance.

These numbers have, understandably, caused GM to leap at the chance to expand its reach in South Korea. Although the pandemic makes it difficult to provide a typical dealership experience, the new e-quotation consulting service seems like it might just be the next best thing, giving customers a safer, high-tech way to shop for their favorite Chevy.