Why Is Cadillac Still So Popular?

Cadillac’s speckled emblem literally represents superiority. The Cadillac brand cemented itself as a central part of American car culture over a century ago because if its lavish offerings. Currently speaking, Cadillacs may not be the top-selling models they once were, but the brand is still highly regarded.

Caddies are still a mega status symbol

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Way back when Cadillac’s claim to fame was being “The Standard of the World”. This brand doesn’t quite sell models like they used to and this is largely due to their declining quality. Still, Cadillac’s vehicles aren’t cheap by any means. Cadillac’s iconic Escalade SUV starts at over $75K. One of the more affordable options in this brand’s lineup is the CT4 sedan and even this option still gets pricey.

This is all to say that Cadillac still has the art of perception on its side. Americans tend to value the appearance of luxury and especially view cars as status symbols. Lots of consumers are still drawn to Cadillacs because they are extravagant. However, many of the drivers we see scooting in a Caddy today are of an older generation. 

Cadillac has benefitted from great publicity 

Former General Motors marketing director Susan Docherty said that Cadillac’s brand presence in the media contributed to young people’s fascination with Caddies, even though average Cadillac buyers are older. For kids growing up in the early 2000s, it’s hard to forget how embedded Cadillac models were in pop culture at the time.  

In the early 2000s, rappers like Jay-Z were constantly seen riding around in an Escalade. Jennifer Lopez used to feature classic Cadillac sedans in her music videos and they were in her movies too. And way before this, Aretha Franklin was seen riding around in a pink Caddy in her “Freedom of Love” music video in 1985. Pop icons truly helped make the Cadillac brand so strong. 

Cadillacs offer tons of tech

Cadillac CT5’s Super Cruise technology will be available in calendar year 2020 on select models.
2020 CT5 | Cadillac

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In addition to Cadillac’s eye-catching style, the carmaker has also worked to provide consumers with some of the latest in-car technology. Modern Caddies come with the award-winning Uconnect infotainment system. This system may take some time to get used too, but overall, its interface is simple to use.  

The latest Uconnect system features a sharp infotainment touchscreen display that allows drivers to purchase food or gas with a couple of clicks. The system can also store your favorite food orders for future use too. Other desirable components of the Uconnect system are Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and navigation. Features like these can make your drive a more pleasant experience. The myCadlliac app is also pretty helpful. 

The brand also has some pretty cool perks

Cadillac helped make luxury perks what they are today. The brand made a splash a few years ago for offering a concierge service so that owners could have their products delivered to their door. They’ll pick up an owner’s vehicle for routine maintenance too. Cadillac owners also benefit from on-demand roadside assistance and courtesy transportation programs.