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Owners of Ford and Chevy trucks love their trucks and they love their brand. It’s their team, and when a new team came to the scene, this time being Tesla with its Cybertruck, then it became game time. And when it’s game time, it means that it’s time to win, and that means that Ford and Chevy truck lovers will never buy a Tesla truck anytime soon. Here’s why.

The Tesla Cybertruck reveal shows the truck on stage.
The Tesla Cybertruck on display (shattered windows not included) | FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

The Tesla Cybertruck design 

When Elon Musk said that the Tesla truck will be Blade Runner inspired, he was not kidding. The Tesla Cybertruck looks like it came from the future. The Cybertruck doesn’t look like a regular truck. This is great for Tesla, as Tesla has always been about shaking things up and introducing something new to the industry. 

By creating an electric truck that looks nothing like a truck, Tesla and Musk have created something that’s totally unique to Tesla. Customers will look at the Cybertruck and know instantly that it’s a Tesla. But that’s also one of the reasons why Ford and Chevy truck lovers won’t love the Cybertruck. 

Pickup trucks have been around for almost a hundred years. Their design has largely remained the same, a cab with a long bed attached to it. Many Ford and Chevy fans are used to this design and are in love with this design. So, while the Cybertruck has a truck bed, its design is simply off-putting to many lovers of the traditional truck design.

How much truck is it?

While Teslas are known for high-tech interiors and a suite of smart features, a truck doesn’t need those things. Sure, a truck will be better with those things, but at the end of the day, most truck owners buy trucks to do work with. And doing work means getting a truck that has a good payload and towing capacity. 

Tesla offers all-wheel drive as standard on all Cybertrucks, and that’s a good start. Tesla offers three engine options, a Cybertruck with one, two, or three motors. The more motors, the more range and the more towing capacity it’ll have. Tesla claims that the three motors option will have a 500-mile range, a 6.5-foot long truck bed, 100 cu. ft. of storage space, and a towing capacity of 14,000 lb. 

While these numbers may seem impressive, there are plenty of pickup trucks, especially from Ford and Chevy, that can either meet or surpass those numbers. So, when it comes to doing truck things, Ford and Chevy owners have little reason to switch over to a Tesla Cybertruck. 

Why Ford and Chevy fans will never have to buy a Tesla truck

While Tesla’s Cybertruck may have gotten a lot of media attention, Ford and Chevy are still in the race. Both companies have already announced all-electric versions of the most popular pickup trucks. In fact, earlier this year, before Tesla unveiled its Cybertruck, Ford demonstrated a prototype all-electric F-150 in an ad. 

Some Ford and Chevy lovers may be simply opposed to electric cars, so they’ll never even think about buying a Tesla truck in the first place. But many aren’t. For Ford and Chevy fans who want an electric truck, Ford and Chevy have them covered. That said, what Ford and Chevy don’t have is a head start against Tesla, as Tesla’s already planning on selling its Cybertruck soon. 

That may encourage some environmentally conscious Ford and Chevy fans to switch over until Ford and Chevy release these trucks, but there’s no need. Both Ford and Chevy offer diesel engines, and those trucks get great gas mileage. It’s true, those fuel ratings aren’t comparable to the Cybertruck, but for now, it’s good enough for most Ford and Chevy truck lovers.