Why Do People Ultimately Buy a Tesla?

Tesla paved the way for electric cars in a gasoline-powered saturated market. Following in their footsteps are plenty of other automakers creating their line of electric vehicles to compete with Elon Musk’s giant automotive group.

Tesla continues to be one of the most expensive electric vehicles out there, but it’s still the highest seller for all-electric driving enthusiasts. What do the Tesla models have that the others don’t? One Reddit thread explores some of the most popular reasons people choose a Tesla, with three features consistently popping up in the replies.

All-electric means no gasoline or annual maintenance check-ups to deal with

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When you buy a Tesla, you’re saving on more than just fueling up at gas stations. Because you’re not dealing with an internal combustion engine, you don’t have to schedule oil changes or worry about fuel filters going bad or replacing spark plugs down the line. Normal car maintenance that we’re used to changes when you buy an all-electric car.

With a Tesla, you must check things like cabin air filters, brake fluid, and air conditioning units. A lot of maintenance tasks you can get done remotely, though, so there’s no need to visit a repair shop in most cases. Tesla has special service plans you can purchase with your car to ensure it stays in tip-top shape.

Some vehicles can spend upward of $50 and more weekly on gas. Tesla need not make those stops. However, you may need to seek a charging station, though. There’s a charge for plugging in your Tesla at a public spot, plus your electricity bill will go up when you plug it in at home. But the costs, annually, will still be less than what you would spend at the gas pump.

Fast acceleration times and plenty of speed

It’s hard to imagine that an all-electric car would get any kind of speed, but it’s true. The Tesla Model S, being a midsize sedan, still has good acceleration times. U.S. News says that the 2020 Long Range Plus Model S can go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds. The Model S Performance package can even clock a time of 2.4 seconds. That’s surprisingly better than some of the most powerful gasoline-powered engines out there.

InsideEVs.com reports the Tesla Model 3’s top speed limit is 155 mph, and it gets 5.6 seconds for its acceleration time, which is slightly slower than the Model S. However, after an update from Tesla, the Model 3’s speed limit jumped to 162 mph by increasing the twin motors rotation speed to 19,000 RPMs.

Tesla emerging autopilot technology

The automobile industry have come pretty close to offering futuristic vehicles in the last couple of decades. The one item that changed the game for modern technology lies with the autonomous driving feature that became famous with Tesla. They aren’t the only vehicle using the autopilot feature on their electric cars, but their technology is much more refined than most of the others on the market. The idea that you could set your car to drive you around without you having to do anything except keep watch is mind-blowing.

Tesla hasn’t stopped there, though. They continue to tweak their technology to include even more helpful features with their self-driving concept. A car with a mind of its own will soon be able to drive and stop all without the aid of a driver. It just brings us one step closer to being able to type in a location and settle back in the seat while the car takes you there, much like a taxi service would do with a designated driver.

Tesla has many other great features that people like, but these are the three most popular ones that draw drivers into their line of cars. Maybe someday the other companies offering electric vehicles will have as big of a following as Tesla does, but right now, only one company stands out.