Why Consumer Reports Thinks the 2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia Is Terrible

The Alfa Romeo Giulia is inspired by iconic racing cars like the models offered by Lamborghini and Ferrari. It even has an engine to match: Quadrifoglio models have an engine that generates 505 hp. The regular model only costs around $40,000, which is a pretty good deal for a luxury sedan.

Despite its sporty performance and stylish exterior, not everyone is impressed with the Giulia. According to Consumer Reports, it may not be the best car for your money. While the car is definitely fun to drive, there are other problems potential drivers need to know. Here’s why CR didn’t give the Giulia top marks.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia’s low overall rating


Consumer Reports had a few good things to say about the car. They liked its design and its speediness. When tested, the Giulia can reach 0-60 mph in just 6.7 seconds. They also appreciated the included safety features, which aren’t always standard in luxury sport sedans.

However, CR had more negative feedback than positive. Space is cramped in the backseat, and the trunk can’t carry that much luggage. They also didn’t like the low placement of the dash vents, which caused the tester’s elbows to get too cold while driving. The engine is also noticeably noisy while the car is in motion.

How it shapes up compared to its competition

One of the Alfa Romeo Giulia’s biggest rivals is the Audi A4 sedan. The 2020 model of this car has a much higher rating from Consumer Reports. Its cabin is quieter, it’s slightly faster than the Giulia, and it has a perfect reliability rating. CR also liked all the latest technology features inside the A4.

The Giulia also goes up against the Genesis G70. The G70 isn’t as quick or fuel-efficient as the A4 or Giulia. It also doesn’t have the best braking or acceleration prowess. However, it’s still more reliable and affordable than the Italian sedan. 

Terrible reliability

The most troubling factor about the Alfa Romeo Giulia is its low reliability rating. The car only has a 13 percent chance of not requiring any repairs over a three-year period. In previous years, drivers reported problems with the car’s fuel system and the A/C unit. Issues with its power equipment and interior electronics were also frequent.

Still, this doesn’t seem to deter Giulia drivers from recommending the car to friends. On CR’s driving surveys, 73 percent said they would buy the Giulia again. This is only slightly less than the drivers of either the A4 or the G70 sedans.

Road test performance

Overall, CR’s testers were impressed with the Alfa Romeo Giulia’s handling. The sedan offers a smooth drive, quick acceleration, and good fuel economy. CR found that it gets a combined average of 27 mpg.

However, it terms of interior quality, CR felt that the Giulia falls short of its rivals. The driver’s seat is tight and only has a limited amount of adjustability. They also found the push-button design of the gear selector annoying to use. While most of the interior looks nice, CR thought that other competitors feel more luxurious inside.

What other critics say about the Alfa Romeo Giulia

The Alfa Romeo Giulia generally has positive reviews. Despite the sedan’s imperfections, Car and Driver gave it an almost perfect rating. They praised its excellent ride quality, posh interior, and the user-friendly infotainment system.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia also has a history of awards. For 2018, it won MotorTrend’s Car of the Year award and landed on Car and Driver’s Top 10 list. It was also included in Ward’s 10 Best Interiors for 2017. Although it may not be the most reliable car, the Alfa Romeo Giulia continues to please most critics and consumers.