Why Consumer Reports Is so Low on the 2020 GMC Canyon

When you think of the smaller pickups, the GMC Canyon is one of the first ones that come to your mind. GMC put in a lot of effort to roll out its rendition of a midsize pickup. The Canyon is holding its own in sales, but is it really a truck worth buying?

The midsize pickup market has a handful of trucks offering the flexibility consumers want. GMC’s Canyon was one of those trucks that people were watching out for, but Consumer Reports didn’t seem to like what they saw in their tests. Here’s a brief overview of what they had to say about it.

Where did GMC go wrong with the 2020 model Canyon?

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Consumer Reports only gave it a rating of 37, which is the lowest score for trucks in that class. They didn’t like that the ride was a bit choppy and not as smooth as we expect. Seat comfort was almost non-existent.

Those testing the truck felt that the padding was insufficient, and the backrest only had a manual adjustment, which didn’t allow reviewers to find the sweet spot for driving. There also wasn’t any way to tilt the seat cushion itself to help eases some seat discomfort. While they could raise the seat to help with that, it would cut into what little headroom the Canyon gives.

The interior has hard plastic materials throughout most of the cabin. This certainly helps cut costs, but at its base price, it only disappointed the reviewers and owners alike. For the amount of money, it should offer more durable materials.

Emergency maneuvering in this truck didn’t perform as expected. Avoidance speed maxed out at only 49 mph, which is about 10 mph from where it should be. The other area they rated poorly was its fuel economy. At 18 mpg combined, the GMC fell flat.

What did GMC get right with the 2020 Canyon?

While there were several areas that they didn’t like, there were still a few things they did. Normal handling of the truck was nice and responsive, despite failing with emergency maneuvering. Acceleration times, which they clocked at 7.5 seconds, impressed them as did the smooth shifting of gears in the transmission.

The brakes performed better than expected, making good times when stopping in dry conditions. Wet stops were a bit too long but overall not bad for a midsize truck.

When it comes to hauling, the GMC Canyon has more than enough for the average buyer. Towing capacity is in the 7,000 lbs range when the truck has the V6 engine equipped. Hauling becomes easier if you choose to add the trailering package to the truck.

It will come with things like a full-size spare tire to save you time in the long run. Also, the Canyon comes with the option to have a diesel engine installed, which will not only help with towing but will also increase fuel economy to 24 mpg.

How does it rate with its competitors?

Out of the handful of trucks available in the midsize pickup class, the 2020 GMC Canyon actually ties for the last place with, interestingly enough, the Chevy Colorado.

The Honda Ridgeline has an overall score of 76, which far surpasses the Canyon. Even the Ford Ranger received a rating of 65. The Tacoma and the Gladiator have scores closer to the Canyon, but they’re still in the 40s range.

When you break it down, though, some fascinating points show up. Fuel economy on all the midsize trucks are in the poor range. While the Honda Ridgeline and Ranger get better EPA ratings, it’s not by much.

Both get around 20 mpg combined, which is only two more than the Canyon. When it comes to reliability, the Ranger has the highest score with 4 out of 5. The Canyon has the lowest with 1 out of 5. Seat comfort is poor in both the Canyon and the Tacoma. The Ranger, Ridgeline, and Colorado rated pretty good for driving comfort.

Overall, though, the Canyon just doesn’t hold a candle to its competitors when you factor in the price. If you are looking for a new midsize truck , you should probably look elsewhere.