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The 2023 Hyundai Venue is the most affordable SUV on the market. However, it has some downsides that make it not worth the price. For a slightly better SUV and only a marginal price difference, some buyers may consider the 2023 Kia Soul. This 2023 Hyundai SUV is not a bad vehicle, but its weak engine and other components make it not the best value. 

This 2023 Hyundai SUV has a weak engine

2023 Hyundai Venue
2023 Hyundai Venue | Hyundai

Given that the 2023 Hyundai Venue is the most affordable SUV on the market, it’s forgivable that it doesn’t have the most potent engine. According to Car and Driver, it has a four-cylinder engine with a maximum output of 121 horsepower. It uses a continuously variable transmission and is only front-wheel drive. One of the main problems with this small engine is that other options offer more power for only slightly more money. 

The other issue with this 2023 Hyundai SUV is that it’s reportedly not the best for normal highway driving. Instead, it works better for shorter commutes. This is because the steering isn’t super responsive, meaning the driver often has to correct the car. Though less-than-stellar steering isn’t the worst problem in the world, it’s far from desirable. 

Regarding performance and relative price, the 2023 Kia Soul may be a better choice. It has a 2.0-liter 147 horsepower engine with a continuously variable transmission. The Kia Soul is also faster as it accelerates from 0 to 60 in 8 seconds, while it takes the Hyundai Venue 2023 8.8 seconds. It should be noted that the Hyundai Venue 2022 has almost identical performance. 

The 2023 Hyundai Venue interior is plain compared to rivals

2023 Hyundai Venue
2023 Hyundai Venue | Hyundai

Another reason the 2023 Hyundai Venue isn’t the best value is due to its interior. While it’s a well-made cabin, it’s not eye-catching or advanced. Again, the Kia Soul price is similar to this 2023 Hyundai, but it’s much better. The Kia Soul interior isn’t only spacious, but it has tons of exciting features, both standard and add-ons. 

Regarding technology, this affordable SUV has an 8-inch touchscreen. It also has a decent sound system with four speakers, the same as the Hyundai Venue 2022. For the sake of comparison, the Kia Soul comes with the same standard touchscreen but offers a bigger one. It also has six speakers instead of the four that the Venue has.

Great price but there are better options

2023 Kia Soul in blue from the rear affordable SUV
2023 Kia Soul | Kia

Of course, the market needs affordable SUVs, and the 2023 Hyundai Venue will work well for many people. However, it’s simply not the best when looking at similarly priced SUVs. The 2023 Hyundai Venue starts at $19,650. Similarly, the 2023 Kia Soul price is $19,890. Additionally, interested buyers could also look into the Hyundai Venue 2022. 

This new Hyundai SUV has some things going for itself. It’s a fairly safe vehicle, and it looks pretty good on the outside. However, it perhaps shouldn’t be the first choice for most buyers. Like most vehicles, it’ll serve its purpose, but not necessarily with the most flair

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