Why Can’t We Buy Exotic Pickups Like This?

Pickup trucks can be different things to different people. Some love the monster truck-look of a menacing pickup jacked up high in the air with a loud engine and paint job. Others prefer that Prerunner vibe that’s a cross between a Baja runner and street heap. But, what about an exotic pickup?

Can we get pickups like this?
Can we get pickups like this?

Like a pickup with the convenience of a bed, but also something as low and slinky as any exotic on the planet. Why don’t those types of trucks exist? They’re macho and cool looking, but in a different way from the lifted F-150 with a roll bar and lights on the roof.

Exotic pickups in snarky kind of way

As we progress into the new world order of all-things-truck we are starting to see a wider variety of pickups offered. From one-ton coal rollers to unibody Honda Ridgeline pickups, we’re seeing a variety. It’s the “spice of life”. So when will we be seeing sleek, snarky trucks that have the power to haul but do it in a Ferrari kind of way?

We’ve never really had a truck segment like this. You know, where the pickup was as exotic and aggressive as a Lambo, but could still haul file cabinets or hay for the horses. It’s probably because trucks weren’t supposed to be dual-purpose. They were meant to be like an appliance. Use it up and when you’re done replace it with a new one in a different color. Trucks were never desirable in the same way as a Corvette. Especially a mid-engine one.

But why not? Those that defined what a truck should be are long gone. Now we have school teachers and lawyers and pharmacists driving them. They don’t need them in the same way as a farmer or junk hauler needs a pickup. It’s a lifestyle thing. It represents the American free spirit and all that. 

Wouldn’t you want a pickup truck like this?

But wouldn’t you want to be associated with something like our example above? I just quickly Photoshopped a photo of an older Cadillac concept car from the early 2000s. It simply and quickly demonstrates what my feeble attempts at conveying to you what I’m imagining cannot. This would be a pickup that gets your attention. One that looks like it means business-just like a lifted Ram truck would, but in a completely different way.

Ford just now has taken the image of the iconic Mustang and tried to apply it to an electric crossover. So, it took the idea of what a Mustang looks like and mashed it with the function and proportions of a small SUV. You have to squint to see it, but you can kind of imagine it if you try.

This is a similar exercise. But rather than squinting to imagine what you’re seeing, instead what you’re having to squint about is the idea. The idea of blending the style and proportions of a Bugatti Veyron with the functionality of a pickup. The image is before you, but can you wrap your arms around a company actually doing this? 

We get it, but still…

The answer is probably not. Could a manufacturer mass produce this? Yes. Would it ever consider doing this in light of the fact we are seeing many different forms of pickups? Probably not. 

Still, it’s fun to imagine hauling manure in something like this, don’t you think?