Why Are Used Toyota 4Runners Still so Expensive?

Toyota cars, trucks, and SUVs have a good reputation for reliability and retaining resale value. The Toyota 4Runner is no exception. Each Toyota shares the brand name, but still each are different. What is it about the 4Runner that makes its price so expensive––even used?

2020 Toyota 4Runner Venture Edition driving through mud
2020 Toyota 4Runner Venture Edition | Toyota

New and used Toyota 4Runner SUV pricing

The current fifth generation of the Toyota 4Runner has 8 different trim levels, according to Toyota. You can go back as far as the 2010 model year and still find a used Toyota 4Runner with the current body style. These Toyota SUVs are body on frame with rugged options for improving off-roading capability.

The Toyota 4Runner base trim is the SR5. A new one starts at $36,120. A used Toyota 4Runner from the 2010 model year is about 20 grand cheaper. Kelley Blue Book posts a “fair market range” between $13,930 – $17,848. However, let’s take a look at a comparable luxury SUV to put that value into perspective.

The 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 SUV starts for $54,250––according to US News and World Report. As a used SUV, KBB reports that the 2010 Mercedes -Benz GLK 350 has a “fair market range” between $7,561 – $9,154. If you want a higher trim level––like the 2010 Toyota 4Runner Trail or Limited edition, KBB says you’ll pay around 10 grand more than you would for a Mercedes used SUV from the same year.

What makes them so expensive?

One reason is that due to the long generations, even ten year old 4Runners look relevant. They also employ much of the same mechanics that make these Toyota SUVs so capable. Also, with so many different versions and trim levels that have made an appearance over the years, there are a lot of special 4Runners out there. These used SUVs are often sought out in each individual edition for various reasons.

The reliability of the fifth generation used Toyota 4Runner is also spectacular. Consumer Reports predicted reliability rates the 4Runner a 5 out of 5 in every year since 2010 except for the 2015 4Runner model year (which still earned a 4 out of 5). This is one of the main reasons why these tough, truck-like used SUVs go for so much even 10 years later. They are built to last.

Used Trd Pro

AutoTrader says that the used Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro models are insanely expensive. The TRD Pro model was introduced in 2014 as the 2015 4Runner model year. Kelley Blue Book posts a “fair market range” between $27,501 – $32,345 for a 2015 model year used Toyota 4Runner. You can buy a brand new 2020 Jeep Wrangler for $28,295––according to US News and World Report.

white Toyota 4Runner in its fifth generation that has an expensive price even as a used SUV
Toyota 4Runner | Scott Olson/Getty Images

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Used Toyota SUV

The 4Runner is a good used Toyota SUV. Some may say there are models to avoid, but overall they boast rock solid reliability. They retain their resale value because they are durable and expected to last a long time. High mileage 4Runners and repeat owners are common.

These Toyota SUVs are a great buy both new and used, but they are also expensive. The used 4Runner probably has the better value. But the new models will retain their value and last a long time as well. The choice between used and news is a tough call for anyone with their heart set on a fifth generation Toyota 4Runner.