Why Are Used Mercedes-Benz Models So Cheap?

If you’re in the market for a used car, but want something more upscale than your typical Civic or Corolla, then you may be tempted to check out a used Mercedes-Benz. We can’t blame you, after all, they are affordable and some of the models even cost as much as a new Honda or Toyota. But why are used Mercedes-Benz models so cheap?

The used Mercedes-Benz market is flooded

If you’re perusing the online classifieds for a used Mercedes-Benz, then you have likely noticed that the prices on most of the models are pretty low. For example, we found a 2016 Mercedes-Benz E350 sedan with 53,000 miles on it selling for $25,379 on Cargurus, which stickered for around $53,000 when it was new. While the car is four years old and has the average amount of mileage on the odometer for its age, it’s still being sold for 47% of its original value. That’s a pretty good deal.

But why is it such a good deal? According to Car Buzz, a vehicle’s reliability does not necessarily contribute to its resale value. In actuality, leases tend to dictate the resale value of Mercedes models because the leased vehicles make up for around 50% of all new Mercedes sales. That means that there is a steady influx of lease returns every three years, which floods the used market as a whole and drives down the overall cost.

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class is the cheapest new car available from the brand.
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Maintenance and repairs can be costly out of warranty

Another reason that used Mercedes-Benz models are so cheap on the used market is due to their high cost of maintenance. According to Motor1, the average annual repair cost on most Mercedes-Benz models is around $908, which can vary. However, it’s a pretty good rule of thumb as simple oil changes can cost around $200. Repair pal also listed some sample repair costs for a Mercedes E350 (like the one we mentioned before), it can typically cost around $2,500 on average for maintenance over the course of five years.

Whether or not you think that it’s a hefty price to pay, the cost can add up when you factor in fuel costs and insurance. Either way, if you can get a used Mercedes-Benz that’s a certified pre-owned, then that could be the best way to go. We typically advise that if you’re going to buy any used German car that you should get one with a warranty as repair costs when it is out of warranty can be very expensive.

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Is it worth it to buy a used Mercedes-Benz?

The high cost of repairs and maintenance are key reasons that most online experts will tell you to stay away from buying a used Mercedes-Benz, and they’re not wrong. However, every used car is different, no matter what brand it is, so it’s up to you on whether or not that 2015 Mercedes C-Class that you have your eye on is worth the low price tag. As always, we recommend getting a pre-purchase inspection done on any pre-owned Mercedes-Benz that you’re interested in and always take the repair and maintenance cost into consideration.