Why Are So Many 2020 Nissan Altimas Stolen?

In North Texas a car theft ring has been busted and what the police found amazed them. Most of the cars being stolen were 2020 Nissan Altimas. So far the police say that 62 of them were stolen by what it is calling a “high-tech” group. The reason for the moniker is that the thieves aren’t breaking into the cars to steal them the old fashioned way. Instead, they use a technique called a “relay attack.” That’s why there are so many 2020 Nissan Altima sedans stolen. So why do these relay attacks work so well?

Police call these kinds of car theft relay attack or keyless attack. A device is used to detect a signal from a key fob to the vehicle. One thief will get close to a house to pick up the signal sent by the key. The signal is then transmitted to a device placed close to the car. Thieves can then use various commands to the car’s computer to do things like unlock doors and remotely start the car.

With the doors unlocked and the Altima running thieves can just hop in and drive off

With the doors unlocked and the car running the thieves can just hop into it and drive off. All of this can be done in less than a minute in some cases. The best part for thieves is that there is no breaking into the car. Without the entry system being encrypted and using rolling entry codes cars like the Altima are very vulnerable to theft. 

Mostly these virtually new Altimas are not chopped up for parts. Instead, the thieves are able to get clean titles from used car dealers. The VIN numbers are changed and then the vehicles are sold for quite attractive prices. 

Some of the stolen Altimas have been recovered according to the North Texas Police. In all about $1.2 million worth of 2020 Altimas are gone, though the police think there could be more. If you own a 2020 Altima or are thinking about buying one there are things you can do to protect yourself and keep your new pride and joy.

Thieves don’t want to have to deal with a second line of defense

Insurify suggests that first, don’t ever leave your car running unattended. Cars can be equipped with warning devices. Motion-sensing alarms can put out a loud warning. Even steering wheel locks, brake pedal locks, or tire locks help to secure the car. It also acts as a deterrent because thieves don’t want to have to deal with this second line of defense. They would prefer just to find another car without these devices.

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Immobilizing devices or kill switches can be installed to shut the car down as it is being driven away by a successful break-in. Finally, GPS tracking is available which can lead to recovery even if the heist was successful. For less than $200 you can have a GPS tracking system that will alert you. 

One of the best deterrents is the garage. If your car is locked up safe at night inside of your garage the chances of it being stolen drop to almost nothing. Out of sight out of mind and all that.