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When buying a new vehicle or a used vehicle the features it comes with play a huge part in the investment. Safety, performance, technology features, and fuel consumption are key factors that have to be considered when making such a big purchase.

If you’re someone who loves technology or is constantly in your car, you probably have Android Auto high on your list of must-have features in your vehicle. Looking at the Chevy Malibu, you’ll enjoy plenty of standard tech features, as is expected from the brand, along with some potential add-ons. But the question is, does it come with Android Auto?

The Chevy Malibu

You’ll be happy getting into your Chevy Malibu, be it new or used, as it’s known for its luxury feel at an affordable price. A new model starts at just over $22,000 but can go up to just over $34,000 depending on what upgrades you’d like.

The Malibu is known for it’s impressively quiet cabin and effortless driving feel. It also still boasts a combined 29MPG average despite the new 2020 model not offering a Hybrid model anymore.

According to Consumer Reports, there are 5 versions of the new Malibu, ranging from the 1.5L CVT L model to the 2.0L 9-Speed Premium Model. As each version gets more expensive the more standard features are offered, as is custom in the business.

Regardless of which one you choose, you’ll still have an impressive audio experience.

Android Auto and the Chevy Malibu

Having the newest technology in your car has always been what people want. Everyone loves to get all the bells and whistles they can. Incorporating Android Auto in your vehicle is no exception. In fact, if you’re an Android user and you drive regularly it’s a necessity.

So does the Chevy Malibu have this much-loved feature? It does! In fact Malibus have had Android Auto since the 2016 model. Android Auto allows drivers to connect their Android phones and drive hands-free via their car’s infotainment system. 

The history of the Android Auto is a bit shaky as, when it was first released, it caused a lot more problems than it was worth. It used to be hard to navigate through your phone’s apps, and getting between the phone functions and the car functions took time and was tedious.

Luckily in 2019 Android revamped the system and now you can enjoy your phone interface on your Malibu display. This helps you stay focused on the road, instead of figuring out how to find something on the screen.

All your apps that function with the car will display just like they do on your phone, and have a simple touch interface. You can even sync things like Audible, your favorite Podcasts, or stream music from your preferred music provider.

It makes driving an absolute pleasure.

Using an older model

People checking out a Chevy Malibu at an auto show
People inspecting a Chevy Malibu | Kevin Hagen/Getty Images

Good news for all of those that like the older Hybrid Malibus or prefer used cars. You can still have the new Android Auto experience in your older version of the car. Android Auto has been around since 2015 and Malibus have had them as a feature since 2016, so if you have a 2016-2019 model, you’re all set.

Note that you might have to go to your local dealer or technology store to update the Android Auto system in your car, but this can be done relatively quickly and easily.

Is the Malibu for you?

Only you can decide if the Malibu is the car for you. Whether you choose an older version or a brand-new one, you won’t be disappointed by its technology integration. The Malibu isn’t the cheapest mid-sized sedan, but it also definitely isn’t the most expensive, and you can’t beat the look and features of the car for its price tag.


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