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In a shakeup at Ferrari that may continue past today’s revelations, three of its top managers were given their pink slips. Ferrari’s new head Benedetto Vigna is chopping off heads as he reshapes the supercar maker into his own vision. For a company that can’t seem to miss, Ferrari seems like even bigger changes could be in store. 

Who got cut from Ferrari?

A Ferrari F40 sports car model with a red paint color option at the Celebration of the Motorcar at the Cottesloe Civic Centre Gardens in Perth, Australia
Ferrari F40 |Getty

Chief Technology Officer Michael Leiters was the first to go according to Reuters. Coming to the company in 2014, he drove the development of the SF90 Stradale and 296 GTB. Both are the first electrified versions of the Prancing Horse. 

Vincenzo Regazzoni, Chief Manufacturing Officer, has left, along with Chief Brand Diversification Officer Nicola Boari. She ushered in the company’s swing into the luxury market and oversaw Ferrari’s in-house fashion collection. 

All of this was done, according to Vigna, to “further foster innovation, optimize processes, and increase collaboration both internally and with partners.” With the full reorganization to be unveiled in a few weeks, it will enhance Ferrari’s “strategic goals of exclusivity, excellence, and sustainability.”

Does Ferrari have an all-electric car?

A Ferrari F8 Tributo sports car model with a red paint color option at the Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, United Kingdom
Ferrari F8 Tributo | Getty

Ferrari has already announced that its first all-electric car will debut in 2025. The brand promises that this EV will be “everything you dream the engineers and designers at Maranello can imagine for such a landmark in our history.”

Vigna’s background is in the semiconductor industry, a key arena for auto companies transitioning into electrification. And let’s not forget that Vigna’s hiring mandate is to make such a transition happen. He graduated cum laude in physics, specializing in micro-electro-mechanical systems, motion-activated user interfaces, connectivity, imaging, and power solutions.

His hiring surprised the industry, as he had no automotive background. Reuters quoted Morgan Stanley analysts as saying, “A semis guy who did his thesis on quantum quarks and has hundreds of patents to his name … running Ferrari? We live in extraordinary times.”

What else has Vigna done?

ferrari daytona sp3
Ferrari Daytona SP3 – Ferrari

This is Vigna’s first major move since becoming the head of Ferrari in September. We’ll have to wait to see who Vigna has found to replace these three managers. Already there have been internal promotions and some added hiring that set up the company for the January 10 organization reveal. 

As you know, when a new head takes over a company, heads roll to allow the new boss to bring in familiar faces. But this is more about changing the focus from internal combustion engines to the electrification of the Ferrari brand. And whoever these new executives will be, they will be doing that steering that is revolutionizing the entire industry. 


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