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Have you ever thought about the number of doors or wheels on the planet at any given time? The doors or wheels answer might seem obvious initially, but how many wheels are in the world? Each car, truck, and sport utility vehicle has wheels. How many doors are in the world? Every dwelling has a door, and most rooms within that dwelling have a door. When it comes down to it, finding out how many doors or wheels exist is a complicated equation. However, some items you might not have considered that help one of these options level up quickly.

Are there more doors or wheels on the planet?

When it comes down to it, there are more wheels than doors on the planet. When someone on Twitter posed the question about if there are more doors or wheels in the world, the responses sided with there being more wheels than doors. However, it was a close call. One year after posing the question, the results are 46.4% on team doors and 53.6% on team wheels. PPMC Transport looked at the number of wheels. When you break it down, there are a lot of wheels in the world. Wheels come in a few different categories, such as on cars or automobiles, wheels on toys, and wheels on other items. These include coolers, shelves, chairs, and anything else you might roll around.

Estimates put the number of wheels on the planet at around 37 billion. A significant portion of those wheels comes down to toys and then vehicles. The total number of cars on the road is estimated to be about 1.446 billion. Even though the most common number of wheels is four, plenty of cars, trucks, and SUVs have more than four wheels. A steering wheel is still a wheel, and the transmission has some wheels too. It might make more sense to multiply 1.446 billion by six to compensate for the discrepancy. That puts the number at around 8.7 billion wheels on the planet from cars alone.


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UPS even weighed in on the issue on TikTok and said there were 768,000 wheels and 510,000 doors in its fleet of 127,000 vehicles. A standard UPS truck has doors up front and in the back, but it has many more wheels. These trucks even have wheels to open the doors and more wheels to help get packages out the door on a dolly.

How many wheels are there on Earth?

Around two billion wheels come from bikes and motorcycles alone, thanks to the one billion bikes on the road, which can be multiplied by two. Children’s toys are a massive part of the equation, with carts, legos, toy cars, and other options with four or more wheels. Twenty-four billion toy wheels on the planet come from six billion toy sales multiplied by four wheels each. When asking if there are more doors or wheels in the world, one has to consider all the wheels.

There is a significant amount of wheels that fall under the “other” category. 18-wheeler trucks, pickup trucks, food trucks, and other delivery vans. Grocery carts are used to stock the aisles and carry food out to your car. With all of these considered, more than 37 billion wheels are on various items worldwide.

Two sources of tires make up a significant portion of the equation: Lego and Michelin. Lego produces the most wheels out of any company and uses these for its toys and other products. Michelin makes more than 200 million tires every year for its global customers. At the end of the day, there are wheels in places you might not have even considered it. These include the wheels on the rack within a dishwasher or the wheels to open your air fryer. While each thing probably has a door or two, the number of wheels is higher on almost all vehicles and items.

The number of doors isn’t a small amount

Are there more doors or wheels in the world, like the number present on this old Rolls-Royce
A woman driving a Rolls-Royce, circa 1935 | General Photographic Agency/Hulton Archive/Getty Images looked into the door issue more closely, defining a door as something used to open or close an entrance or control the entry and exit. There are a lot of doors in the world that might not be obvious. You need a door to get into a car, search through a closet, and even get into an attic or basement. All buildings, apartments, condos, and even planes have doors.

If there are seven billion people on the planet, estimates put the number of doors at around 30 billion. There are many doors in places you might not even consider, but there are more wheels out there than there are doors.

This is quite a hot topic, and even though there are many doors in the world, the wheels outnumber them. After being created in 2800 BC, the wheel has had a lot of time to get its numbers up. Feel free to start counting doors and wheels the next time you see a semi-truck or trash truck to see how quickly the wheels add up.


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