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At first glance, Tesla Model 3 and Model Y appear very similar. Both cars have a lot in common; however, each Tesla brings unique features to the table. Buyers should carefully weigh the features and benefits of both Teslas before choosing between them. MotorTrend recently compared the two models.

Performance drivers should stick to the Model 3

Tesla Model 3 is the obvious choice for performance drivers. The Model Y does not feature Tesla’s track mode system. This vital distinction makes the Model Y more suited to low-demand daily drivers.

All modern passenger vehicles employ stability control systems for safety. During an emergency, brakes are applied to certain tires to prevent cars from spinning out of control. This feature limits the maneuverability of a vehicle for the sake of safety.

Sport and professional drivers often employ specific Dynamic control systems that override these safety features. Tesla track mode gives drivers the most power and control over their vehicle possible. Street drivers will be more than happy with the performance of the Model Y. 

The Model Y Is better for families 

A white Tesla Model Y sedan parked outdoors
Tesla Model Y | Attila Kisbenedek/AFP via Getty Images

The Model Y is better suited to families than the Model 3. More passenger features, improved cargo room, and new passenger Tech make this one of the most comfortable Teslas to travel in. When choosing between two such similar models, these minor details become more significant.

The Tesla Model Y is the first to feature USB C charging ports. Provided with 26 watts of power, rear passengers can quickly charge devices such as laptops and handheld gaming consoles. There’s plenty of room and power for passenger entertainment on long trips.

Cargo space is king for busy families. Both models offer plenty of rear storage, but the Model Y is slightly more flexible. Each of the Model Y’s rear three seats folds down independently. This flexibility provides the most options for cargo and passenger configuration.

Families need more room in their vehicles. The Model Y offers nearly two more rear headroom inches and five more rear legroom inches than Model 3. The Model Y’s doors and windows are also higher. In short, a whole family will be more comfortable in the Model Y

One clear advantage of the Model 3

A red Tesla Model 3 | Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

The Model Y has one glaring design flaw in comparison to the Model 3. The rear hatch of the Model Y extends beyond its rear bumper. While this does make rear cargo space easier to load, it also makes the rear hatch more vulnerable to damage. Minor fender-benders could become major headaches. Drivers who spend a lot of time in busy parking lots should choose the Model 3 for its superior rear design. 

Frequent Tesla campers should spring for the Model Y

Sleeping in a Tesla has become a viral hobby. The maker added Camp mode to its vehicles to accommodate this trend. The Model Y offers more sleeping space than Model 3. The one-piece glass roof of the Model Y provides an uninterrupted view of the Stars.

The Model 3 is an excellent lower-priced option 

Tesla is not known for making affordable cars. EV drivers seldom choose their vehicles based on bargain pricing. Purchasing older models is a great way to cut down on an electric vehicle’s expense. The Model Y and Model 3 are great options, but the Model 3 is a bit more budget-friendly.


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