Who Owns Newmar RV?

For those in search of a high-end RV, the Newmar brand is among shoppers’ first choices. This brand is known for creating ultra-luxury RVs that offer the same comforts of a traditional home. As buyers often wonder: who owns Newmar RV?

About Newmar 

You might be surprised to know that Winnebago Industries actually owns Newmar. Winnebago officially acquired Newmar in November of 2019. According to GlobeNewswire, the company said that the deal was worth $270 million in cash and two million shares of Winnebago Industries common stocks. With the acquisition of Newmar, Winnebago is now in a better position to compete in the Class A and Class motorhome space. This is what Winnebago had to to say once the Newmar deal was official:

“The acquisition of Newmar further strengthens our core RV Platform and enhances the scale and profitability of our overall motorhome business,” said Winnebago Industries President and Chief Executive Officer, Michael Happe. “We are excited to welcome Newmar into our premium portfolio and look forward to working with their dedicated and talented team and high-quality dealer network to drive new growth opportunities and significant value creation for our employees, customers, and shareholders.”

Winnebago Industries (2019)

What is Newmar’s most popular RV?

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Newmar has one of the most luxurious model lineups in the RV industry. The company has small options ideal for couples and grander models that are suitable for a bigger family. The company’s most popular model is the Newmar Dutch Star. 

The Dutch Star is one of the top-selling coaches in its class because it’s upscale and one of Newmar’s more affordable models. This coach gets its power from a 450-hp diesel engine, which makes for a quieter riding experience. It also comes with an adaptive steering system that Newmar designed to boost a driver’s confidence and make RV driving easier.

A panoramic view of the
2021 Dutch Star living room area | Newmar

The Dutch Star falls in the mid-level price range in Newmar’s current lineup. The 2021 Dutch Star begins at $394,095 and is available in 13 different floor plans. You have the option of choosing a living room area that best accommodates your family and lifestyle. No matter which one you choose, standard Dutch Star features include a stainless steel convection microwave, a three-burner gas cooktop, and a Whirlpool refrigerator. 

What is the company’s top-of-the-line option?

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Newmar’s King Aire model provides one of the most upscale RV experiences available in today’s market. The 2021 version has three different floor plans, each one 45 feet in length. With the King Aire, you get plenty of practical features consisting of a full bathroom with a plumbing system. Additionally, there’s also a glam kitchen complete with marble backsplash Viking stainless steel fridge, microwave, and even a dishwasher. 

A panoramic view of the King Aire's main living space.
2021 King Aire living room area | Newmar

Other King Aire features include a Sleep Number bed and a sleeper. You also get a Samsung TV with a Blu-ray player in the living and bedrooms. As you can imagine, the King Aire has a high price tag. The 2021 model has a starting price of $1,296,080.