Who Needs a Movie Theater When the New Winnebago Journey Is Around?

The RV world is now so popular in 2020 that knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Homemade convulsions, overlanding monsters, and full-size motorhomes cover the pages of the internet at a blistering pace. The newest trend for these has been the camper van conversions that can span from a homemade job costing a few thousand dollars to the six-figure luxury monster vans. Even though these are the new hotness, we can’t forget about the big daddy classics like the Winnebago Journey. 

The Winnebago Journey is the smart camper to end all campers

The RV conversation tends to focus on price and how much you get for this or that amount of money; the Winnebago RV is here to say, “damn your pocketbook.” Winnebago is asking you to drop around $400,000 and go ahead and get everything you could ever want from a house, but on the road. 

2022 Winnebago Journey cabin
2022 Winnebago Journey cabin | Winnebago

New Atlas lays out all the specs for the new Journey and starts by saying it is built on the Freightliner Maxum XCM II chassis. This behemoth is powered by an 8.9-liter Cummins turbo-diesel making 380 hp. You might not be winning any drag races in the Journey, but it’ll pull up a hill alright with that Cummins. 

Let’s start with the Winnebago Journey’s exterior 

At first glance, the Winnebago Journey looks like a normal Class A RV, but upon closer inspection, you’ll find this thing is loaded with features. One of the outside storage areas on the Winnie is actually an outdoor theater. The panel slides open to reveal a 40-inch TV with a home-theater soundbar. In a time when outdoor gatherings are the only safe ones, the new Journey is giving us an outdoor movie experience. The super lux amenities don’t stop there. 

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The theater system hooks up to Bluetooth to stream from your computer or phone. There is also a secondary outdoor fridge and freezer that keeps you from having to run inside for a snack or drink. This RV literally has it all. 

The Winnebago Journey is a plain-clothes luxury mobile 

Class A RVs aren’t typically much to look at on the outside, but the inside is a different story. The Journey’s cabin utilizes a 35-ft floorplan that contains a massive amount of features and amenities. 

2022 Winnebago Journey
2022 Winnebago Journey | Winnebago

The Journey has three slide-out compartments that give the already cavernous cabin even more room if you want to invite the whole RV park over for drinks. The size of the interior does away with any need for the typical travel-sized appliances. I’m talkin’ about a full-size fridge, stove, microwave, and three-seater sofa. Across from the sofa is the second entertainment center set around a 50-inch tv with a soundbar and Bluetooth streaming capabilities. 

The theme for the Winnebago Journey is clearly space, space, and more space.

The list of things inside this camper goes on and on. I mean, there is an electric fireplace in this literal, rolling home. There are multiple slide-out bedrooms and spaces to stretch out. Winnebago hasn’t forgotten to include enough juice to keep the party going. The Journey has six deep-cycle batteries, a 3,000 W inverters, and an 8,000 W Cummins generator. With the number of gadgets in this colossus, all that battery power will be most needed. 

If the price tag was bit much to stomach at first, it still may be, but at least you are basically getting a rolling house –  it even has a fireplace.