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A nice set of aftermarket coilovers is one of the most popular modifications for a reason. They help improve ride comfort, handling, and even tire life. Additionally, in some cases, a new set of aftermarket coilovers can be cheaper than a full-on OEM replacement for your worn-out units. Happily, some manufacturers will also offer a warranty on these parts, even if your dealer won’t. There’s plenty to choose from, and now it’s time to sort out who does it best.

The “B” in BC Racing stands for budget

A black and gold set of BC Racing coilovers
BC Racing’s BR Series coilover | BC Racing

BC Racing coilovers are a staple in the tuner scene. Often, you’ll see them recommended for one simple reason: versatility. If you have a car, odds are BC Racing makes a coil and spring for you. A friend’s old Volkswagen GTI had a set, and now my BMW M3 has a set. They’re versatile, to say the least. The Taiwan-based company also makes a spread of different types, ranging from the base-level BR series all the way up to their track-focused ZR series model.

That’s not all BC Racing has going for them, either. The BR series coilover is one of the most affordable options on the market with adjustable damping. In a nutshell, that allows you to choose how hard or soft your ride is. Generally, you can expect a set of BR coils to run you under $1500. All this to say nothing of height adjustability, another included option on any of BC Racing’s coils. Formula Drift uses these for a reason, and so should you.

KW Suspension offers a middle-of-the-road choice

KW's purple and yellow V3 coilover
KW V3 coilover | KW

Our next candidate brings some uniquely European flair to the aftermarket suspension game. KW has been around for over 25 years, and their suspension knowledge really shows. It isn’t uncommon to see a spread of vehicles running them, especially at your local track day. Additionally, the company offers a myriad of different types, with the most basic V1 set coming in around $1,000, and the most expensive approaching $5,000. There’s something for everyone at KW, to say the least.

KW also offers something that BC Racing can’t. In addition to height-adjustability, you can order certain KW coilovers with the brand’s HLS system. If you’ve ever seen a Mclaren 720s lift its nose to clear a bump, you’ll know what I’m talking about. A small “pillow” can be used to raise your car’s ride height by a couple extra inches at all four corners. Just know it isn’t cheap and will add at least several thousand to the price of your setup.

Bilstein make the best coilovers

A set of blue and yellow Bilstein coilovers
Bilstein coils and springs | Bilstein

Finally, there’s Bilstein, another German coilover company. They’re arguably the best-known suspension supplier in the game, having put suspension on a great many manufacturer’s cars. It’s this knowledge that makes Bilstein the best coilover manufacturer. They’re easy to find, but they certainly aren’t cheap. A full set can easily exceed $2000. If money is no object, Bilstein can help you out. Just remember to factor in the price of install and setup, otherwise, the benefits reaped from coilovers will be for naught.


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