Who Knew Tunisia Made These Odd IRIS Fiberglass Cars For $13,000?

Check out this funky little fiberglass commuter. The Wallyscar IRIS is made in Tunisia where the country adds tariffs to vehicles made outside of the country. That’s where the IRIS comes into play. Since it is made domestically it carries a price tag of $13,000. That works especially well for the African country due to the poverty rates there. 

The mostly handbuilt IRIS is the perfect vehicle for Tunisia

two 2021 Wallyscar IRIS sedans cruising down the road
2021 Wallyscar IRIS | Wallyscar

Tunisia is located at the very top of the African continent between Italy and Spain. If you live there you’re pretty much limited to used cars or nothing if you want or need a car. Even if you are living in middle-class bliss. So the mostly handbuilt IRIS is the perfect vehicle for its context. Even a New Toyota Corolla can cost more than $30,000 there.  

Iris advertising says “the IRIS conceals under its design and its urban manners an authentic character.” While the Iris isn’t a Lexus, it does have features some would consider premium. But those premium features mostly are available as options. Adding them into the Iris can more than double the price pretty quickly. 

Power is from a 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine with 82 hp. The top speed is just under 100 mph which is all you really need. It averages around 35 mpg. 

The IRIS interior is a bit stripped but you can upgrade with options

2021 Wallyscar IRIS interior
2021 Wallyscar IRIS | Wallyscar

The IRIS interior is a bit on the stripped side. But if you’re so inclined you can upgrade with front speakers, improved seating, more soundproofing, armrests, and a touchscreen infotainment system. All of that adds around $700 to the bottom line. 

Beyond the bare-bones basics, IRIS buyers can add LED headlights and fog lights, backup sensors, a review camera, 16-inch rims, and some fairly wild paint colors. Those wild colors include shades of pink and purple among others. But look, if you’re going to own a handbuilt car you might as well get it in an interesting color to flaunt. 

The IRIS is a welcome option for Tunisian buyers

2021 Wallyscar IRIS rear 3/4 view
2021 Wallyscar IRIS | Wallyscar

Where a used Ford Fiesta can cost twice as much as it does in the US the IRIS is a welcome option for Tunisian buyers. Especially being a new car it’s a rare mode of transportation for the expanding middle class. Advertising touts, “The fiberglass bodywork and galvanized chassis are both guaranteed three years.” You can’t beat that.

2021 Wallyscar IRIS in bright orange
2021 Wallyscar IRIS | Wallyscar

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