Who Is Whitney Dillon from Racing Wives?

Reality TV has gotten into every niche area possible, including race car driving. Racing Wives on CMT follows the lives of five women in the racing world: Samantha and Ashley Busch, wives of NASCAR brothers Kyle and Kurt Busch, Whitney Dillon, wife of NASCAR driver Austin Dillon, Mariel Swan, wife of crewmember Paul Swan, and Amber Balcaen, a race car driver trying to forge her path as a female driver. Today, we’ll be talking a little bit about Whitney Dillon.

Whitney’s background

Whitney married into the racing life when in December 2017, when she and Daytona 500 champion Austin Dillon tied the knot. Austin is a part of a racing dynasty. He’s the grandson of Richard Childress, former NASCAR driver and owner of Richard Childress Racing. The pair even got married at Childress Vineyard in Lexington, North Carolina.

Before her marriage, Whitney graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a degree in Communications. Whitney was a cheerleader during college, and went on to cheer professionally for the Tennessee Titans. It was here she met Mariel Swan, her Racing Wives castmate and best friend. Mariel’s husband, Paul, is a tire-carrier for the crew behind Austin Dillon’s racing team and the two men are also very close friends.

The BFF Blog

Whitney and Mariel run a lifestyle blog together, the BFF Blog. While you’d think that “BFF” would stand for the classic “best friends forever,” it actually stands for “beauty, fashion, and fitness,” highlighting the topics the duo covers in their posts. The website features content written by both Mariel and Whitney. In addition to discussing topics concerning beauty, fashion, and fitness, they also feature content about their personal lives and what it’s like being married to people involved in the NASCAR circuit.

Shop the WM

Again as a duo, Whitney and Mariel founded a jewelry company, Shop the WM. Their collection features elegant, high-end jewelry pieces, in classic styles. The two founded the company with the goal of created jewelry that women would feel empowered wearing. They feel that wearing jewelry is a way of pampering yourself, and encourage women to splurge on their jewelry collection as a way to inspire and spark creativity in themselves.

On Racing Wives

With the first season already wrapped up, we’re still waiting to hear if the girls will be back for season two. In the meantime, let’s recap what went down in season one. Whitney’s storyline follows her growing friendship with the other wives, Samantha and Ashley Busch. Things get rocky between her and Mariel as Whitney gets closer with the others. We see the two have a falling out and Austin comes in to convince Whitney to take the first steps toward reconciling with her best friend.

The two make up and we go on to see Whitney throw Mariel a bridal shower before her wedding to Paul Swan. She says that she “spent more time and effort planning the bridal shower” than she did planning her own wedding. The consensus seems to be that Whitney and Mariel are better soulmates for each other than their husbands are. The two are often in their own little world, just trying to have a good time, while the others on the show are getting things done and focusing on things outside of the show.

While reality TV may not be for everyone, it has certainly found its place in the racing world. A mix of The Real Housewives and Netflix’s Formula 1, Racing Wives gives fans an inside look at what it’s like to travel alongside your favorite fast drivers.