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CMT just created a new reality series and even though the new show is only on its first season, we can tell that it is going to be packed full of just as much drama and entertainment as all of the other reality shows on the air right now.

One thing that makes this show unique from any other reality show, is that it covers the life of NASCAR drivers and their wives. While some of the wives on the show have already been in the public’s eye for quite some time, there is one wife that many fans don’t know that much about and that is Mariel Swan. She has not only kept a  low profile until recently, but she is also one of the few stars of the show that is not married to a race car driver. Keep reading to learn more about Mariel Swan and the new reality show that she stars on.

What is ‘Racing Wives’ about?

Racing Wives is a new reality series that first premiered on CMT in January of this year. The show features five different women that are either married to a NASCAR driver or are trying to make it big in the racing world themselves. The racing wife cast includes Samantha Busch and her husband, NASCAR racing champion, Kyle Busch; Ashley Busch who is married to Kyle’s brother (and fellow NASCAR champion) Kurt Busch; Whitney Dillon, who is married to NASCAR driver Austin Dillon; Mariel Swan, who is married to NASCAR pit crew member Paul Swan; and Amber Balcaen who is trying to climb her way up the ladder in the NASCAR circuit.

On the show, we get to see an up-close and personal account of what it is really like to be a part of the NASCAR racing circuit. Not only do we get a glimpse into the lives of race car drivers, but we get to see how hard it can be for life can be for their loved ones as well.

While the drivers are able to make a substantial amount of money, this show helps to illustrate that just because you have a lot of money, it doesn’t always mean that life is perfect. These women have to deal with fear, worry and regret just like the rest of us. Although their problems may be a bit different from ours, they are still just like anyone else for the most art.

Who is Mariel Swan from ‘Racing Wives’?

Mariel Swan is the wife of Paul Swan, who is the jackman and front tire carrier for Austin Dillon. Mariel is from Memphis, Tennessee and is also the best friend of fellow Racing Wives co-star, Whitney Dillon.

While Mariel was still living in Tennessee, she attended the Middle State University of Tennessee and competed in, and won, several beauty pageants, including Miss TN United States and Miss TN World America. After graduating college, Mariel went on to become a cheerleader for the Tennessee Titans where she met her BFF, Whitney Dillon.

After leaving the NFL, she and Whitney both worked together as models for Monster Energy. Mariel is still currently a Monster Energy model. Because the infamous energy drink company is such a huge supporter of NASCAR, she spent a lot of time around other people in the racing industry, which is how she ended up meeting her husband.

Who is Mariel Swans’ husband?

Mariel Swan and Paul Swan met in 2016. At the time, Mariel’s best friend, Whitney was just dating Paul’s best friend, Austin Dillon. Once Mariel and Paul met, they had instantly hit it off. In 2017, Mariel and Paul were both attending a NASCAR banquet in Los Vegas when Paul surprised his bride-to-be and proposed to her in front of all of her friends. Mariel instantly said “yes,” and the two got married on January 5, 2019.

Paul is a member of the pit crew for Richard Childress Racing, where he works as a tire carrier for Austin Dillon. Before becoming a pit crew member, Paul played football for Bowling Green State University. After graduating college, Paul had hoped to become a college football coach but had soon learned of an opportunity to become a pit crew member. 

Because pit crew members are required to work at an extremely fast pace, they are always looking for qualified athletes to join their teams. Paul had once said that being a pit crew member is just as good as playing football because “It’s a great way to be an athlete, still be a competitor, but not playing football anymore.”