Which Terrible Cars Would People Never Buy Again?

The internet is a great place to research cars, but sometimes you want a more word of mouth type approach. Apparently, one Reddit user thought so. In this thread, they put a question out there asking everyone which terrible cars they would never buy again because of the problems they had while owning the car. The answers were seriously abundant and the thread gained huge traction.

From Volkswagen Jettas, to Dodge Stealths to an alarming number of Ford models, to Audi A4s. People had a lot to say about their past with certain year models. A couple of notable complaints were the VW Jetta and Ford Fiesta. Each model had a few different years that people complained about, but the thread is riddled with complaints about each of these.

The Volkswagen Jetta

A surprisingly numerous amount of Jetta owners complained about a “crayon smell” that emitted from the car constantly. Years 1991, 1999, 2000, 2002 and beyond all carry complaints of electrical problems as well as this mysterious scent of crayons. Some think it’s from the door sealant, some think it’s from the headliner glue.

One thing is certain. There sure are a lot of people who say they would never again own a Jetta –– or maybe even another Volkswagen at all –– because of the issues they had with their models. These stories say it’s a terrible car.

My sister’s car was a used Jetta from the 2000s. She sank so much money into fixing that car for years until one faithful Thanksgiving, her car refused to start in a Boston Market parking lot shortly before dinner. That’s when she’d had it.

She’s been driving a new Toyota Corolla for 3 years now and has not had a single problem

JupiterTarts | courtesy of Reddit

The Ford Fiesta

After reading the stories and complaints about this car, we’re pretty sure we won’t ever buy one either. One past Fiesta owner said “I bought a 2013 Fiesta hatchback brand new and you couldn’t pay me enough to take it back.”

The Ford Fiesta may be kind of cute, but owners say it’s anything but reliable.

This anecdote describes various issues with brake calipers on this terrible car that “explode,” and other issues that took multiple attempts by more than one Ford dealership to fix. According to the story, the throttle by wire system never saw adequate repair. The 2013 Ford Fiesta was an utter disappointment.

It’s a shame though, when it was actually working it was a solid little car but it was seemingly made out of cardboard and scotch tape. To make matters worse, this was one of the “good” models with a manual transmission rather the also seemingly unfixable automatic.

nismotigerwvu | courtesy of Reddit

Cars people would never buy again

These two cars are just two of a sprawling number of threads that ensued after the original post. If you’re prepared to go into the vortex, here’s the Reddit post and all the comments that it inspired. There are way too many crazy car stories to list here.

It was concluded after going down the Reddit rabbit hole that, among others, The Ford Fiesta and the Volkswagen Jetta are some terrible cars that people say they would never buy again.