Which SUV Fits the Most Children’s Car Seats?

Child safety seats are a must-have when it comes to a growing family. Laws apply to several aspects of the child safety seat and one thing is certain: they provide so much added safety for tiny human passengers that they are mandatory for driving with children under a certain age or size.

As families grow, vehicles that can accommodate that growth are worth their weight in gold. Sometimes unexpected changes come along the way. Another baby means another child safety seat. Which SUV fits the most car seats?

Where can child safety seats go?

Rear-facing car seats can use the LATCH system which requires and LATCH anchor on either side of the child seat. Rear-facing seats can also be fitted with your car’s seatbelt. Forward-facing seats can either use the LATCH anchors or the seatbelt. Forward-facing child safety seats also require the use of an anchor behind them as well.

The amount of child safety seats that can be inserted properly and safely in a vehicle depends upon how many of these varying anchors are available. The more anchors, the more installation options there are for child’s seats any given vehicle.

Are SUV’s good for car seats?

2019 Ford Expedition Platinum
2019 Ford Expedition Platinum | Ford

Family cars are safe and roomy. Some families need more space, thus the popular family-style SUV. Many SUV’s are great for car seats. Child safety seats can be added to a wide range of SUVs with safety and precision.

Other than the minivan and the passenger van, the full-size and third-row SUV is a hugely popular vehicle for families. With seating for up to 8, it’s no wonder that some of these beasts can fit three, four, even five car seats for small children, toddlers, and infants to ride safely with the fam.

Which one fits the most?

There are actually a few SUV’s that can fit up to five child safety seats. While they can carry up to 8 passengers with a bench seat second row, I have yet to come across an SUV that can correctly and safely accommodate six car seats.

According to cars.com, the Volkswagen Atlas can fit three seats across in the second row. As long the middle seat is 12.5″ or less. The Atlas can also fit two more in the rear, as long as they are forward-facing car seats

The Ford Expedition is another SUV that can fit five car seats safely. Unless you upgrade to a full-sized passenger vehicle, five is the most child safety seats that will fit in any one vehicle. It, along with the Atlas, scored A’s across the board for child safety seat installation on cars.com.

Which large SUV’s are misleading?

The GMC Yukon is definitely a full-size SUV. It lives up to the title with its roomy seating and enormous cargo. However, it will not fit five child safety seats. The Yukon is misleading with its large size and lack of ability to handle five child safety seats.

With a growing family, this type of research might be at the top of your to-do list. It may be advisable to call around to different dealers and ask. While many SUVs can fit three car seats across a bench second row. There are far fewer that fit more than one in the third row, so it’s important to check that detail.