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You may have come across surveys out there offering lists of the best cities in which to live, friendliest communities, or lowest crime rates. But we recently found a list that takes a closer look at which states have the rudest drivers. We had to learn more about how the data is measured. Of course, we also wanted to find out which states are ranked the worst in terms of manners, behind the wheel.

How do you measure rude drivers by state?

Insurify used reliable data and a dedicated science team to identify which states are home to the rudest of drivers. Using a database of over two million insurance applications, with details regarding age and driving history, Insurify got to work.

The teams analyzed a few key metrics, including driving violations, like failing to yield to a pedestrian, failure to stop at a red light, and improper backing. The states that present the highest proportion of violating drivers would then be ranked according to the level of rudeness.

Road rage is more common than most think

According to a study put together by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, a whopping 80% of all U.S. drivers reported one or more incidents of driving-related aggression over one year.

We found other data, based on the number of social media posts using the hashtag ‘RoadRage’ to identify different trends. For example, based on the timeline of Instagram posts, August is the worst month for road rage complaints. July comes in second, while March and October fight for the third most angry driver posts.

Sundays see the fewest social media posts about road rage, with Friday being the most frustrating day behind the wheel — on average, with 10,500 posts.

Which states are the rudest?

Based on the data analyzed by the teams at Insurify, there are three states at the top of the rudeness list. Idaho, Colorado, and Virginia are home to those drivers who violate the key metrics the most.

Georgia, New York, Iowa, Ohio, and Delaware show a slightly lighter shade of red on the Insurify map, as the second rudest states. On average, 29.6 per 1,000 drivers are found to have been cited for one or more rude based driving violations.

Interestingly enough, there isn’t a regional trend, as you glance over the results map as a whole. The worst offending states aren’t clustered and seem to be spread between metropolitan and rural dominant states.

Which states are home to the most courteous drivers?

In identifying which states are home to the rudest drivers, the data also highlights a few states found at the other end of the spectrum. Drivers in Mississippi, Vermont, and Kentucky may have the best manners. According to the metrics, Insurify collected, only about 10-17 individuals per 1,000, were cited for infractions as part of the rude driving measurement.

The rudest states don’t lack law enforcement

You might think driving violations present in abundance in certain areas because there aren’t enough police officers issuing citations. You would be mistaken. Insurify tapped into available data from the FBI and Bureau of Transportation Statistics and found the higher proportion of troopers doesn’t correlate with the numbers of rude driving behaviors.

Regardless of where you live, you have more than likely encountered a rude driver in recent months. In fact, you might even raise your hand to admit to having been one of those rude drivers on occasion.

Road rage is a real phenomenon and will present dangerous driving conditions wherever you live. Be mindful of your surroundings when you’re behind the wheel to avoid unfavorable and unsafe situations. Alternatively, if you find yourself getting frustrated in traffic, take a deep breath. Anger isn’t healthy for you or anyone else on the road around you.