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When buyers want a high-end luxury vehicle, they often turn to Mercedes-Benz. It’s no surprise since they build these vehicles to last a long time and still have plenty of speed to play with. 

Out of all the sedan and wagon options out there, which ones will be the most reliable, though? Well, there are several options, but the two that stand out the most are the C55, and the E-Class E350. This LegitStreetCars video shows you the often looked over C55 and what makes it a gem. 

The 2005-2006 Mercedes-Benz C55 AMG

The Mercedes C-Class series of cars have plenty of prize winners in their fleet. The C55 is their best. Back when they were new, these cars cost $54,000 for the base package. Nowadays, they could go for under $10,000. You might have to take some time to find one, but if you did, you’re sure to have a gem, especially if it’s well taken care of. 

Besides the enjoyable ride, excellent handling, and magnificent acceleration times with this car, the C55 AMG is relatively inexpensive to repair. There aren’t too many major problems noted with it, but there are a few that many owners reported. 

One of them is a crankshaft possession sensor that cost $30 and would only take about an hour to replace. The other is a transmission electric sleeve that only costs around $15 and takes all of 20 minutes to take care of. The only other issue are the brakes. 

They don’t go out too often, but when you need to replace them, you’re looking at approximately $550 just for the parts, and they’re relatively easy to replace for specialized technicians, saving you more money on labor. 

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class

U.S. News & World Report lists the Mercedes-Benz E-Class as being one of the most reliable used luxury vehicles on the market. While there are a few models in the E-Class series, the E350 from 2009 is the most popular sedan purchased that year. 

The E350 caught the attention of Consumer Reports, who loved the transmission, ride, and even the overall interior fit and finish. They gave it a reliability rating of 4 out of 5 for some commonly reported problems. This model saw suspension issues that were addressed with a recall and some electronic problems with the navigation system and CD player. 

Otherwise, the 2009 model held up pretty well. To buy one brand new would’ve cost you around $55,000, for the lower end of the luxury line. A higher-end model could quickly go for around $100,000. The used vehicle market often sees this car go for $7,000- $8,000, depending on mileage and condition. 

What should you look for when purchasing a used Mercedes-Benz?

To find a good, reliable Mercedes vehicle, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind. The first thing you’ll look for is the location they built the Mercedes. The Germany Benz vehicles had better quality parts, according to Scotty Kilmer in his video on Benz buying tips. One built from any other country could cause you a lot more headaches than you want to deal with. 

Before buying one, you should have a mechanic lined up to work on it. These intricate vehicles have tons of electronics and sensors that could easily cause problems. So find someone who knows these vehicles well. They can look over the car before you buy it to let you know what kind of shape it’s in.

Expect some high repair bills, especially with used models. Not all repairs will be expensive, but sometimes you’ll pay through the nose for something that cost much less in a non-luxury car. Be prepared for it by setting some money aside in case you need it. That way, you’re not caught off-guard by too much when something happens. 

Mercedes are well-built cars that can last a long time, provided you take excellent care of them. Used ones will cost you much less than buying brand new, so browse through your Mercedes resources before purchasing to see if you can find some pretty reliable gems that you can keep for a long time.


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